Energy efficiency has become a growing concern among people, businesses and governments alike. Across the world, fossil fuels, mankind’s primary energy resource, are diminishing while humanity’s dependence on energy is increasing. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2030 the world will need almost 60% more energy compared with present consumption levels. Therefore, as the principle of supply and demand suggests, energy prices will rise.

This reality is slowly manifesting itself in government legislation, consumer lifestyle, and industry processes. Governments are keen to promote the introduction of energy efficient technology in power companies and consumer homes. Consumers want to keep their energy costs to a minimum, and utilities are aiming to optimise energy use and offer their customers products and services that empower them to manage their energy consumption.

Consequently, governments and utilities have been turning to technology such as Advanced Metering Management (AMM) which offers a more economic means of managing energy. This white paper will discuss how Advanced Metering Management has been driving change as the most efficient energy measurement tool by optimising a utility’s business processes, providing end-consumers with detailed consumption information, as well as helping the company adhere to energy market compliance.

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Advanced Metering Management: Securing Investment Profitability and Energy Market Compliance