Balancing micro networks in dynamic production and demand environments

Below is a presentation given by Igor Dremelj and Inigo Cobelo (Tecnalia) at the European Utility Week 2014 in the session, 'Improving Grid Reliability through Innovative Design & Technology'.

The presentation covers:

  • Can the distribution network be made smart?
  • Why Network Digitalization?
  • Active Voltage Regulation with Grid Controller
  • ANM Solution Validation at TECNALIA’s smart grid lab
    • Research centre Tecnalia
    • inGrid - Distributed Generation Demonstration & Validation Centre in Bilbao
    • Landis+Gyr’s ANM Solution validation at TECNALIA’s lab
    • Validation setup
    • Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
    • Validation scenario 1: Resolving voltage fluctuation with ANM Active Voltage Regulation
    • Validation scenario 2: Resolving feeder overload with Predictive Capacity Management

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