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Shaping the future of energy.

Landis+Gyr is the leading global provider of integrated energy management solutions for the utility sector.  Our technology and solutions empower customers around the world to improve their energy efficiency.


A Smart Metering Pioneer.

Landis+Gyr is the global leader in smart metering and integrated energy management solutions. We offer you a chance to develop world class products utilizing the latest technologies. 


Our office in Jyväskylä is home to over 250 experts of different fields. A truly international environment in a global company offers exciting career opportunities to diversify one's skills. 


Experience the thrill of working with inspiring people on challenging projects, in a workplace with high job satisfaction and the flexibility and freedom to influence your own work.

Meet some of our experts

Kushal D. Poonia, Testing Designer

“I am really privileged to work with one of the most wonderful and hardworking teams. There is a lot to learn and everyone shares his or her experience and always guides, supports and motivates other team members. Besides being experts in the domain, my team members are also full of life and enjoy every moment.” 

Kushal D. Poonia, Testing Designer

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Kritika Katwal, Testing Designer

“The best opportunity to enhance career and work in one of the leading energy management companies in the world. Working with people who have contributed to this sector so long is really a great opportunity.”

Kritika Katwal, Testing Designer

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Simo Roikonen, Software Architect

"Here, the employees are valued and you really have the chance to make a difference. Our teams consist of highly skilled professionals working together to create elegant solutions with fresh and powerful technologies.”

Simo Roikonen, Software Architect

Ulla Yrjölä, Head of PMO EMEA SW

"We are truly an international workplace. The primary language at our Research & Development center in Jyväskylä is English, meaning language won't be an issue for anyone interested in joining our team."

Ulla Yrjölä, Head of PMO EMEA SW

Did you know Landis+Gyr is present in over 30 countries and has delivered the world's largest network of IoT devices? Watch our video to learn more about our global activities.

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Avoimet työpaikat

In the last two years we have recruited over 80 ICT professionals. 

We are continuously looking for new experts to join our R&D center in Jyväskylä. Check our open positions from the link below or leave an open application.  

Check our open positions here

Expert insights from our blog

Tuomo Sippola, Lead UX Specialist

Tuomo has over 15 years of experience in User Experience field. He has worked with different UX issues for several products, concepts and platforms. He likes working in global product development environment, in close collaboration with several stakeholders.

Usability is a key element of User Experience

Software Development | Apr 03,2017

What is the key to creating products that are easy and pleasant to use? For the answer to this question, we first need to take a look at user experience (UX) and usability and what they mean. Read more

Terhi Köykkä, R&D Team Leader

Terhi is a former software designer, who has since transitioned to a team lead position. Aside from coding, Terhi is especially interested in how positivity affects work atmosphere.

Team Lead – leader or servant?

Team Management | March 04, 2016

A year ago, I applied for an open Team Lead position, encouraged by my supervisor, and was delighted when I got it. I had no experience in actual Team Lead work but, in a way, I had already led a team when working as a Scrum Master. I had not previously considered applying for a supervisory position, so this new career move came as a surprise.. Read more

Kai Hult, Software Manager

Kai has been solving software quality challenges for over ten years and is currently developing Landis+Gyr's continuous delivery processes.

Software production guided by principle of continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery | Feb 02, 2016

Principles of software production have changed from traditional style to agile software development such as Agile, Scrum, TDD and Continuous Delivery. Thanks to agile software development, it’s easier and faster to react to customers’ and project’s needs.. Read more

Christian van Bijsterveldt

Christian works as testing designer in Landis+Gyr's Continuous Delivery team and is the multi-cultural event coordinator in Virtapiiri; the Landis+Gyr's leisure and activity club.

Serving colleagues South-American culture

Careers | May 10, 2016

On a nice warm and sunny Friday, around 22 of our Jyskä colleagues joined together to learn and taste some of the South-American culture. The event was organized by Landis+Gyr's leisure and activity club Virtapiiri and presented by our GRD SW Consultant Nassor from Brazil and by our GRD SW Testing Designer Maria from Argentina.
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