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European Utility Week 2016

Thank you for visiting us at the European Utility Week in Barcelona!

Discover our unique Gridstream® suite of proven solutions, bringing intelligence to all levels of the utility world.


Gridstream® Solutions

Landis+Gyr’s unique suite of proven solutions that encompasses big data, infrastructure, applications and expertise, bringing intelligence to all levels of the utility world.

Landis+Gyr Evolution Meets the IoT Revolution

How will Internet of Things drive your utility business?


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Building an Intelligent Grid Blueprint for the Utilities' Future

Digitalization is a megatrend and a driving force in accelerating the development of new technologies and consumer-centric services in the utilities sector.

While operating fully digitized grids, energy companies will be able to benefit from greater reliability and resilience of “self-healing” networks and increased financial transparency, while end consumers will start playing a more active role in the energy market.

As a leading industry player, Landis+Gyr is driving evolution beyond smart metering and smart grid towards Internet of Things by providing advanced energy management solutions that deliver remarkable control, greater efficiency, better insights and a more conscious use of resources. 

Gridstream® is our solution for an intelligent grid.

Gridstream solution supports various communication technologies and meets specific needs of each customer.

Having deployed the largest number of smart metering solutions worldwide, Landis+Gyr delivers leading-edge technology and expertise in implementing smart energy projects of different scale and complexity.


The Digital Grid: A Golden Opportunity for Utilities to Reinvent Themselves

Grid digitization offers utilities the chance to redefine their business models by improving their internal operations and the services they deliver to end consumers.



The Role of DSOs in the New Energy Market

In this round table, we look at what to expect from distribution system operators in the “new energy market.” More specifically, we will discuss market redesign necessitated by rapidly proliferating renewables, changing energy policies, regulation, digitalization and their impact on the existing energy business and technological environment.

Smart Meters - Foundation of the Smart Energy Future

The utility industry has been deploying smart meters for about 15 years and by 2020 it is estimated that greater than 80% of the consumers in the United States electricity market will have one. So by now, smart metering benefits should be well understood and their deployment largely routine. Yes – and no, says Dave Connaker, General Manager for Analytics at Landis+Gyr.


Digital Transformation

According to Gartner and Accenture research, these technology trends will shape the utility business in the next years. Will they have an impact on yours?
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How Smart Grids Lead to IT/OT Convergence

The smart grid is a transformed power system that can accommodate a large penetration of distributed renewables, system flexibility and consumer participation in markets by combining information and communications technology (ICT) with existing and innovative energy infrastructure.

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