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    Customer Intelligence

    Providing easy access to energy information. 

Customer Information Interface

End consumer engagement is rising in importance when energy efficiency is being discussed. On many European markets, energy regulators have brought requirements to their national mandates or specifications for smart metering to enable an informed consumer to make qualified energy usage decisions. Awareness of energy consumption is the first step to be taken, but in the IoT world, the use of smart energy information can go far beyond that.

In order to meet the emerging market needs, Landis+Gyr has developed a standardized Consumer Information Interface (CII) for its IDIS smart meters. CII enables local access to meter data without limitation or restriction of the final mode of HAN technology. CII is a local port on the meter and entirely standardized interface for connectivity with 3rd party consumer applications. This provides the utility customer flexibility to choose their HAN partners independently of the technology they use.

Security and privacy of the data have played important roles in the development of CII, and the data from the meter to the CII can be secured.

Personal Energy Management

Gridstream from Landis+Gyr provides utilities a secure and highly adaptable platform for home area networking.

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The New Rules of Customer Engagement

Gone are the days when utilities functioned as virtual monopolies and customers were known in purely functional terms as “ratepayers.”

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