Landis+Gyr in the Netherlands – the journey to becoming a leading provider

17-Dec-2020 13:44:15

AdobeStock_261095362Having built up our presence in the Netherlands over the last two decades, Landis+Gyr has become one of the leading energy management solutions provider in the country, and a strategic partner of Dutch grid operators. Our solutions have been at the center of the large scale SMR5 smart meter rollout. As the rollout moves into a next phase at the beginning of 2021, we will extend our relationship and contract with major grid operators, Stedin and Alliander, to deliver smart meters for consumers, thereby supporting the energy transition.

Landis+Gyr has already delivered more than 2.5 million SMR5 electricity and gas meters in the Netherlands. The extension of the partnerships with Stedin and Alliander means Landis+Gyr will deliver more than 400,000 additional electricity and gas meters by December 2022. This confirms our company’s position as a primary partner of the Dutch grid operators.

Having first started working with Stedin on smart meters in 2004, and with Alliander in 2011, Landis+Gyr has participated in several smart meter and smart grid projects. Now, as the only manufacturer in the SMR5 project supplying both gas and electricity meters, Landis+Gyr will be central to the seamless transition to the next phase of the rollout.

The SMR5 rollout put to practice the mandate to offer smart meters to every household in the Netherlands. The meters allow consumers to visualize their energy consumption on a display or connect to a Home Energy Management System. This means consumers have direct feedback on and control over their energy consumption. While 90%-95% of the consumers have been offered a smart meter, the next phase will see delivery to consumers who have not yet benefited from the rollout – including newly built homes.

As well as new solutions for households, Alliander and Stedin are active on future proofing their networks to support all kinds of developments - from consumers and businesses feeding self-generated energy into networks to integrating diverse energy sources like solar parks, wind farms and energy from more traditional sources.

The scale at which these modernization efforts are happening should not be underestimated. Stedin manages transportation of gas and electricity to nearly 2 million private, business and government customers in the Randstad area. Alliander is responsible for more than 3 million residential electricity connections and more than 2.5 million residential gas connections across the Netherlands. We are extremely proud to have supported them in the SMR5 project, through which we are providing the E360 SMR5 CDMA electricity meters and the G350 G4 and G6 gas meters.

Sustainability has been a core topic in the partnership between the three companies. As part of the Fair Meter initiative, a consortium led by Alliander and Stedin, Landis+Gyr carried out a pilot project on Smart Meter Circularity, focusing on the use of resources and raw materials during the life cycle of a smart meter. The outcome of the pilot was the identification of fair meter characteristics that have been translated to next generation meters and production, operation and use and re-cycling processes associated to smart meters. The E360 SMR5 electricity meter has been developed with the goal to make the meter more sustainable by reducing the environmental impact and focusing on circularity and transparency. As a result, both the consumers and Alliander and Stedin are already benefiting today from the Fair meter improvements which have been implemented in this product.

“Having supplied over 2.5 million meters in the Netherlands, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to the Dutch market and its grid operators. We are proud on our longstanding relationships with Stedin and Alliander, formed through more than a decade of smart meter, smart grid and grid edge intelligence projects. Therefore, we are delighted, with the extension of our cooperation with Stedin and Alliander, to support the delivery of a truly twenty-first century metering infrastructure for their customers and to contribute with them to a more sustainable world”

Remco Zinkweg, Landis+Gyr Netherlands Country Manager

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