Modular ripple control transmitter launched

30-Jun-2014 08:14:00

R800_Front_right_on_closed_kleinLandis+Gyr has launched a brand-new ripple control transmitter R800 that can be individually adapted to local conditions. The R800 supports all prevalent coupling technologies and can accommodate up to four couplings per transmitter. The R800 adds a number of useful functions to the scope of existing FQD  and SFU-K transmitters, including voltage and current control settings, an integrated emergency controller , as well as table overviews and graphic representations of a wide range of operating values for state-of-the-art monitoring.

Thanks to an integrated web server, the transmitter can be configured and maintained both locally via the 12” LCD touchscreen and remotely from a PC, laptop or tablet computer linked to a company network. Access is granted by means of a browser without the need to install any additional software.

Together with the FPS Ripple Control Command System, the R800 delivers a system solution to meet the highest standards of the ripple control market.

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