Building Up a Smart Grid Infrastructure in Finland

One of the leading energy companies in Finland, Helen was the first to install the largest battery energy storage system (BESS) in the Nordics. Toshiba’s megawatt-scale BESS is used for improving network stability through control of frequency and voltage fluctuations in the grid.

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Piloting Smart Grid Technology in Switzerland

In 2015, Landis+Gyr supplied its smart grid solution comprised of S760 Smart Grid Device Integrator and SmartCom RTU to AEW, a DSO and electricity supplier for the area of Aargau. AEW was looking to maintain grid stability through the management of power generation of PV in the grid and to increase network visualization through the monitoring of transformer stations. 

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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installed in Helsinki

The largest energy storage system in the Nordic countries, supplied by Landis+Gyr and Toshiba, has arrived in the Suvilahti area of Helsinki. The battery system weighs about 28 tons and includes over 13 000 lithium-ion SCiB™ battery cells. It was installed in mid-May, in readiness for implementation in early June.
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Delivering distribution intelligence with network monitoring & control

Intelligent transition from a traditional one-way distribution system to a fully controllable and flexible power grid allowing for integration of distributed energy resources requires significant investments and industry insights.

At this year’s smart grid technical forum SGTech Europe 2015, more than 250 energy professionals will come together to share latest project experiences and technological innovations to support the industry’s drive towards the smart grid.

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First GM-EEG (S750) grid modules installed by Netze BW in Germany

In the town of Wendlingen in Baden-Württemberg, the very first Landis+Gyr GM-EEG (S750) grid modules were installed in August this year. These modules were developed in cooperation with EnBW, Netze BW’s parent company, in order to meet the needs of decentralized renewable energy sources from 100kW to 1MW.

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Smart metering market development in Europe

While retaining its market leadership in Europe, Landis+Gyr has been presiding over a rapidly changing marketplace. 

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