Software as a Service: Optimizing System Performance

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model continues to gain traction among energy companies as they look for ways to adapt to increasingly complex and costly integrated application environments with shorter implementation cycles.

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Shifting the Focus from Data Collection to Data Utilization

When utilities look into the future, they see a market in a state of constant change. The ongoing industry transformation including digitalization and changing market landscapes means that the utilities market of the future will be vastly different to how it is today.

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Vattenfall Eldistribution's and Landis+Gyr's AMI Pilot in Full Swing

Landis+Gyr’s and Vattenfall’s AMI pilot project on the implementation of next-generation metering technology in Sweden is going full steam ahead. The project also includes a pilot of Landis+Gyr’s SaaS service. 

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Danish SK Forsyning to Roll Out Gridstream AMI Solution

SK Forsyning and Landis+Gyr have signed a contract for a comprehensive smart metering solution. In addition to AMI meters and software, Landis+Gyr will provide a wide range of services for a total of 12 years, to support an efficient rollout and subsequent operation of the smart metering solution.

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Landis+Gyr Signs Major AMI Service Contract with Caruna in Finland

Landis+Gyr, the global leader in transforming how energy is delivered and managed, has a long track record as a smart meter solution provider and of offering managed services to utilities. With more than 15 million metering points in managed services in the US, the company is also proud to be a leading AMI service provider in Finland since 2002. Today, Landis+Gyr has taken an important step in extending its service business in Europe with the addition of Caruna’s service operations.

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Three reasons to monitor your smart metering infrastructure

Landis+Gyr’s Active Monitoring Service offers an easy way to secure the operation of the Gridstream smart metering infrastructure if you have chosen to run it by yourself. In my previous blog article a month ago, I shared the basics of Landis+Gyr’s Active Monitoring Service. Now I would like to share the three key reasons for monitoring the smart metering infrastructure:

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