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Pluzzy Smart Home Solution
  • Control of electric home appliances and electric or boiler-based heating
  • Energy consumption data aggregation from multiple sources
  • Consumption analysis
  • Demand Response
360° platform: Virtual Power Plant
  • Peak shaving and energy value chain optimization
  • Integration and optimization of the use of renewables, storage, electric vehicles, heat-pumps, etc.
  • Capacity management
  • Interaction with any advanced Energy Management System
Automated Network Management Solution with µEMS and S650
  • Fault location
  • Voltage regulation
  • Renewable Energy Source Control
  • Energy Optimization via right-time management and control of loads and energy storage
Gridstream® Solution
  • Smart metering
  • Data collection and processing for billing
  • Data storage, unification and validation
  • Remote disconnection/connection of loads
  • Power quality visualization
  • Dynamic load management
MV/LV Monitoring & Control Solution
  • Fault location, isolation and restoration
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Power flow visualization
  • High precision energy theft detection
  • Renewables integration management
Advanced Grid Analytics Platform
  • Data collection and visualization from utility enterprise systems (AMI, MDM, OMS, GIS, DMS, etc.)
  • Prediction, simulation, and optimization analysis


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