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By its very nature, smart metering technology contributes to a more sustainable future. Landis+Gyr's vision for our technology and solutions is to empower consumers and utilies around the world to improve their energy efficiency. The technology itself is to be designed and manufactured in the most sustainable way possible. This is exactly what the Fair Meter Initiative is about: creating a better world together, one fair meter at a time!

Landis+Gyr agreed to the Fair Meter principle in its AMI project in the Netherlands and is working together with its customers Alliander and Stedin who are committed to only use subcontractors who can prove their devices have been produced fairly.

As a relatively new concept to the industry, the 'fairness' of a smart meter was developed by the Dutch consortium, following their commitment to the 'Green Deal' with the government. Landis+Gyr is proudly one of the first smart meter manufacturers to commit to this initiative and its goal of creating truly sustainable electronics supply chains. 

The key principles of the Fair Meter initiative cover processes in all stages of the smart meter's lifecycle as well as the meter itself. The focus is on four key areas:

  • Labour conditions
  • Conflict minerals
  • Scarcity
  • e-Waste

As part of the Fair Meter initiative, Landis+Gyr has carried out a pilot project on Smart Meter Circularity, focusing in the use of resources and raw materials during the life-cycle of a smart meter. The target of the pilot was to identify fair meter characteristics that could be translated to next generation meters and production, operation and use and re-cycling processes associated to smart meters. 

In the first phase, the plastic used to make the new E360 was reduced by 21% and the metal by 10%. The target is far higher.

The first breakthroughs were achieved in a relatively short time and the results of reduction in the use of plastic and metal in the production of the new E360 meter were drastic. But this is just the first step in a more ambitious target: to reduce the amount of plastic by at least one third and the amount of metal by almost 60%.

Read more on the results of  the Smart Meter Circularity pilot.

As part of the Fair Meter commitment, we are continuously improving our performance following the Fair Performance Ladder, which includes and defines the elements for ‘fair’  both regarding the production process as well as the product itself.

For Landis+Gyr, the majority of requirements can be considered business as usual, as Corporate Social Responsibility has been deeply embedded in all our operations for years. However, the Fair Meter initiative is a valuable push to strive forward and to increase the speed for further improvement. 

Towards a Fairer World – One Meter at a Time!

Towards a Fairer World – One Meter at a Time!

A Dutch consortium led by the two largest grid operators in the Netherlands has introduced an initiative to make the world a better place. The idea behind the Fair Meter initiative is to only use ecologically sustainable and socially acceptable devices within the catchment area of the consortium – thereby hopefully changing the entire electronics market. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility - A Brighter Future for Everyone

By its very nature, smart metering technology contributes to a more sustainable future. It enables utilities and consumers to make informed decisions about energy usage, improve their energy efficiency and encourages to responsible resource consumption. Read more
Smarter design saves tons of materials

Smarter design saves tons of materials

Landis+Gyr’s Fair Meter Pilot takes meter circularity to the next level; introducing a radical meter redesign as part of the smart metering project being carried out with the Dutch utilities Alliander and Stedin in 2016 - 2021.  Read more
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The Fair Meter Initiative

Fair meters address all major issues that the electronics industry is facing today – energy intensity, labour conditions, use of critical, conflict or toxic materials, material scarcity and e-waste. Read more about the initiative at its official website. Read more on