Protect grid and assets

Ensure Grid Resilience

The transformation of the utilities industry driven by decarbonization decentralization and digitalization is bringing new challenges to maintaining a safe, reliable and resilient grid. With new and erratic consumption patterns and load profiles introduced by renewables, EV charging and prosumer contributions, grid operators will need reliable, real-time insights to meet regulatory compliance, protect assets and lower costs. 

Resilience from edge to enterprise

Power Quality Cloud Service

Built on top of Landis+Gyr’s high-performance data analytics platform, the Power Quality (PQ) Cloud service converts data from Grid Edge devices into actionable insights for DSOs to prevent outages, restore disturbances quickly and proactively manage grid and asset health to reduce the frequency and duration of service interruptions and maintain low SAIDI and SAIFI indices. By leveraging AMI investments DSOs can have a systematic monitoring (24/7) and verify compliance to national gird codes without unnecessary adhoc power quality field measurements, enabling optimized operating costs and higher network reliability.   

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Transformer Monitoring  

Built on top of Landis+Gyr’s high-performance data analytics platform, Distribution Transformers’ Performance Assessment is a non-intrusive method for determining the remaining service lifetime of distribution transformers. Based on field measurements provided by Grid edge devices at the secondary substation, DSOs can prioritize the replacement of aging assets and optimize their investments without compromising grid reliability. Unplanned outages with high related cost can be avoided by replacing transformers only when they are really at their end of life, while the root cause of fast aging is identified.  

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Resilience on the grid and at the edge

Residential grid edge E360

As a residential grid edge device, the E360 provides advanced power quality insights and events enabling near real-time monitoring of the entire low voltage network. When installed at homes, the E360 allows DSOs to detect, predict and manage congestions, faults (blown fuses, missing neutral lines etc.) and respond faster to grid disturbances and unbalances. Learn how you can get a full view of the low voltage grid using active push or on-demand PQ data via the E360 and even use it as an actuator to control loads at the grid edge 

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Grid Edge - critical spots in low voltage grid: E660 

Developed for high-end metering and analytics typically found in industrial, commercial applications, the E660 is characterized by unparalleled accuracy, precision and reliability. With extensive possibilities for power quality measurement and with completely new edge functionalities, this one device can support many typical DSO processes. Its properties are aimed at high efficiency at low life cycle costs.

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E860 Grid Meter

Designed for the high precision needs of power plants, photovoltaics, wind farms, transmission networks, substations, railway infrastructure and grid-connected commercial and industrial consumers, the flagship E860 electricity meter brings unparalleled accuracy, advanced power quality insights, extensive computing power for edge intelligence and future-proof extensibility via modules and multiprotocol communications. 

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Secondary substations

Designed to digitalize secondary substations, Grid edge Connect is a flexible distribution automation solution providing advanced edge intelligence functionalities, integration capabilities and high-end metering. Grid Edge Connect acts as the interface between different functions within the secondary substation, like low voltage power quality measurements, medium voltage control, fault passage indicator signaling, substation supervision, switching of street lighting, and DSO’s central system. Multiple protocols, a number of modular I/Os as well as edge computing capacity enable the expansion of the system to future use cases.

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