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As utilities strive for efficiency and security in the constantly changing operational environment, they need to consider new operational models. Regulatory compliance, increasing demands for data security and privacy and the opportunities provided by new technologies, like IoT, require further focus on optimizing the way to manage the business operations.

AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is an essential, integrated part of utility operations. Besides the one-off investment of deploying a smart metering solution, it requires professional operative power, care and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. A key decision for a utility is whether to operate the solution fully on its own, to buy some of it from an external partner or to completely outsource the AMI operations. The major question is: which responsibilities the utility wants to carry on its own and where the responsibility can be given to an external partner.


Whatever the utility’s preference is, Landis+Gyr can offer an optimal portfolio of services:


Operational Support Services

Operational Support Services provide expert support for those utility customers, who decide to run their AMI and smart grid operations with internal resources.


Cloud Service

Cloud Service provides the AMI software and IT system hosting and maintenance as a service. The utility operates the daily readings and field operations in-house.


IoT Operating Service

IoT Operating Service is based on full outsourcing of AMI. The utility receives data for its business needs in a format and schedule that is specified together. This service can include also field operations.

Actionable, high quality data efficiently and securely

Actionable, high quality data efficiently and securely

  • Business critical data collected & managed reliably and securely
  • Proven, certified high-level security in devices, systems and operations
  • Quality procedures cover the entire lifecycle of AMI solution
Predictability for the AMI operations

Predictability for the AMI operations

  • AMI operation costs are known for years ahead
  • Minimized technology, integration and deployment risks
  • Competence and back-up resources secured
  • Single interface to all AMI operations
Full focus on AMI solution & service development

Full focus on AMI solution & service development

  • Service provisioning covers 3rd party technologies
  • Comprehensive range of services to meet utility's unique needs
  • Services for AMI solutions with any communications media
  • Interoperability and compatibility with 3rd party solutions and applications
Continuity through our sole commitment to energy industry

Continuity through our sole commitment to energy industry

  • #1 in AMI + pioneer in Smart Grids
  • 120 years of collaboration with energy utilities
  • Broad experience in Managed Data Services
  • We actively follow and shape the trends in energy industry
Shifting the Focus from Data Collection to Data Utilization

Shifting the Focus from Data Collection to Data Utilization

When utilities look into the future, they see a market in a state of constant change. The ongoing industry transformation including digitalization and changing market landscapes means that the utilities market of the future will be vastly different to how it is today. Read more
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Landis+Gyr Signs Major AMI Service Contract with Caruna in Finland

Landis+Gyr has taken an important step in extending its service business in Europe with the addition of Caruna's service operations, which includes collecting and managing hourly consumption and power quality data of 650,000 residential meters.

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Danish SK Forsyning to Roll Out Gridstream AMI Solution

SK Forsyning and Landis+Gyr have signed a contract for a comprehensive smart metering solution. In addition to AMI meters and software, Landis+Gyr will provide a wide range of services for a total of 12 years, to support an efficient rollout and subsequent operation of the smart metering solution. Read more
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Vattenfall Eldistribution's and Landis+Gyr's AMI Pilot in Full Swing

Landis+Gyr’s and Vattenfall’s AMI pilot project on the implementation of next-generation metering technology in Sweden is going full steam ahead. The project also includes a pilot of Landis+Gyr’s SaaS service.  Read more