Smart electricity meters

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Residential meters

E360 Series - Cellular

With 10 times the accuracy and speed of modern residential meters, cellular connectivity via LTE CAT M1 and CAT NB1 (NB-IoT), and smart push architecture for real-time data, the E360 is ideal for cellular P2P rollouts and features modular firmware and state-of-the-art security. Designed for the requirements of the IoT world the E360  offers advanced metering, billing and grid edge intelligence in the harshest of environments and the most cutting-edge of IoT use cases. Available in 3 variants 1ph: E360 LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT; 3ph: E360 LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT and CT: E360 LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT.

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E450 series G3-PLC 

One of the most popular residential meters in the market and a core component of Landis+Gyr’s end-to-end AMI solution, the E450 is a highly flexible advanced electricity meter, a multi-energy data collector with remote two-way communication node, and a powerful interface to enable end user interaction. Designed for flexibility in functionality, the meter covers a wide range of uses. Communication interfaces are based on open standards. This allows integrations with third party applications in the advanced metering infrastructure. 

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E320 FNN meter

The E320 is an SLP (Standard Load Profile) meter that also delivers grid values according  to FNN at the LMN interface. Optionally, it may be parameterised to deliver RLM values at the LMN and in the display (4-quadrant-meter).It can also be installed as a three-phase or alternating current meter. The E320 measures active energy (A+ and/or A-) and shows the values in the display. If activated, the current performance is displayed in the second line.

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E470 Series

Compliant with the UK Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS), the E470 supports Credit and Prepayment accounting modes and uses ZigBee Smart Energy Profile to communicate with other devices such as an In Home Display Unit and communicates with External Communications Hub via a Home Area Network (HAN). The meter is capable of 4 Quadrant measurement allowing Import, Export, Reactive and Apparent energy to be recorded over 12 channels

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Industrial, Commercial & Grid meters

E660 Industrial Meter

Developed for high-end metering and analytics typically found in industrial, commercial applications, the E660 is characterized by unparalleled accuracy, precision and reliability. With extensive possibilities for power quality measurement and with completely new edge functionalities, this one device can support many typical DSO processes. Its properties are aimed at high efficiency at low life cycle costs.

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E570 commercial meter

E570 is a smart-transformer-connected commercial electricity meter suitable for low and medium voltage applications. The meter provides extensive functionality in key areas of metering: power quality, anti-tampering, security, billing data protection and outage support. Available with G3-PLC, PLAN+, or P2P (2G/GPRS, 2G/4G ) communication technology.

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E860 Grid Meter

Designed for the high precision needs of power plants, photovoltaics, wind farms, transmission networks, substations, railway infrastructure and grid-connected commercial and industrial consumers, the flagship E860 electricity meter brings unparalleled accuracy, advanced power quality insights, extensive computing power for edge intelligence and future-proof extensibility via modules and multiprotocol communications.

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S650 Smart Grid Terminal (SGT)

Combining modern communication technology, robustness and custome features for smart grid applications, the S650  current transformer connected type is the perfect fit to equip medium-voltage and low-voltage (MV/LV) transformer stations covering losses computing, energy profile analysis, protection and optimization of equipment, power quality monitoring, and remote equipment monitoring and control.

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Flexibility Management and DER control

Grid Flex control

GridFlex Control is a software solution for distribution system operators and energy companies for the dynamic control of distributed flexibility assets in the power grid such as micro generation, storage applications and loads. It connects all components of an energy system and enables access and integration down to the smallest level: micro generation, storage application and loads – conventional or as renewable, controllable or non-controllable, centralized or decentralized, connected via classic remote-control technology or as an integrated component of smart metering systems etc.

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L540 G3-PLC Control Switch

Landis+Gyr L540 is a G3-PLC Control Switch for Demand Side Flexibility applications to optimize the distribution network infrastructure and energy usage. Together with AIM/HES and GridFlex Control applications, the L540 control switch offers a modern and comprehensive alternative to ripple control systems and receivers for use cases such as control of loads such as boilers, heat pumps, ventilation, etc.; integration of electromobility, renewable energy sources and battery storage solutions as well as control of street lighting.

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L320 Ripple control receiver

Landis+Gyr L320 is a versatile ripple control receiver in a compact housing with multiple mounting options. Optimal solution for all ripple control applications with little mounting space such as street lighting. The functionality of L320 is based on Landis+Gyr most advanced load management receiver FTU2. This offers a large set of features, delivers real time load control and event-triggered direct commands.

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DC450 Data Concentrator

The ultimate solution for efficient metering data collection and control. The Landis+Gyr DC450 is a new generation intelligent data concentrator for large scale meter reading and controlling applications. The DC450 supports a wide variety of communication interfaces between local meter parks and backend support systems to meet the needs of the environment. 

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Grid Resilience and AMI security

Gridstream Software

Landis+Gyr software collects your grid data and uses physics-based algorithms to turn it into actionable insights, in turn helping you detect, predict and address issues, optimize operations, extend the life of your assets, and plan for new investments.

From an interoperable Head End System as communication and data collection layer between smart meters and utility systems to advanced multi-energy meter data management systems, Landis+Gyr offers a range of software to help you get the most out of your metering infrastructure.

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Power Quality Monitoring 

Quality of service (Power Quality) is impacted by inverters of PV and EV, as well as by the increased load in the network. The first consequences of poor power quality are increased technical losses (OPEX), damage/ malfunction of consumers’ equipment (high compensation cost, customer dissatisfaction, damaged reputation) as well faults in the network that can lead even to power outages (SAIFI). L+G PQ solution gives you visibility on how power quality in your network complies with EN 50160, where and when it is impacted, which customers are affected by poor power quality (who should be compensated and how much) and helps you identify the route cause and restore faults before end consumers notice. This is done with the existing installed base of smart meters (NO additional HW), utilizing measurement from secondary substations and existing tools for data reading. The best part of our solution is the “on demand data readings” functionality, allowing for a cost-efficient implementation on the cloud.   

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End to end security

As an end-to-end solution provider, Landis+Gyr takes a comprehensive approach to security. Security is designed into all Gridstream components, from the physical security of the devices (e.g. tamper detection) to the support of secure device installation and maintenance processes. Communication is secured between all components of the solution. Access to data and functions is securely managed based on the user’s role and supervised by extensive audit trails.

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