Shape the future of Gas

Based on 30 years of global leadership experience and the installation of 10 million smart gas endpoints, Landis+Gyr’s Ultrasonic Gas Metering Solution provides solid state ultrasonic measurement with integrated remote shutoff valve and two-way AMI cellular communications over Landis+Gyr’s scalable, secure and interoperable Gridstream® Connect IoT network.

The future of smart gas metering

 Landis+Gyr G470

Highly accurate Ultrasonic gas meter capable of measuring both 6m3/h or 10m3/h.  The meter has an internal cut-off valve, security chip and ZigBee radio module and is compliant with the SMETS2 (Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification). The G470 measuriesboth Natural Gas & H2 Mix (23%) and has a 15-year Battery life in both credit and prepayment mode of operation. It has a smaller form factor compared to traditional meters, has no moving parts or drift from wear, and is not sensitive to installation orientation.

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 Landis+Gyr G350

The G350 series provides advance metering information that can enable the analysis of energy usage patterns, provide control of the installation and is designed to satisfy the requirements of the NTA. The G350 incorporates an integral shut off valve and a temperature compensated reading can be obtained. The G350 series is available in a number of different connection variants and with a wired or wireless M Bus interface. The G350 provides 2 variants of communications module, wired and wireless M Bus, which provides Smart Metering functionality to the Landis+Gyr E6V Electronic Domestic Gas Meter.

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Landis+Gyr Libra 310

The L310 series is a communicating Smart gas meter providing advanced functionality including credit and prepayment modes of operation, tariff management, load profiling and remote disconnection and re-enabling. The Libra 310 is used in conjunction with the L+G 5236 SMS electricity meter and ecoMeter to deliver Landis+Gyr’s Smart Dual Fuel system for the UK market to enable the easy analysis of cost impact and carbon loading associated with energy usage.

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Reliable Communications

Flexible deployments with cellular communications

Landis+Gyr ultrasonic gas meters are enabled with cellular communications for greater deployment flexibility to fit your grid operations and customer and business needs.

Smart communication modules for retrofit

Landis+Gyr’s smart gas solution is complemented by a smart gas communications module, compatible with 90% of deployed gas meters.  This allows utilities to fully leverage their broad base of existing metering assets, all connected through a unified head-end system.