Software Platforms

Digitalize your operations

Landis+Gyr’s advanced technologies identify current issues, predict future problems, and provide proactive strategies for improving your grid. Our software collects your grid data and uses physics-based algorithms to turn it into actionable insights, in turn helping you optimize operations, extend the life of your assets, and plan for new investments.

Our utility analytics software offers a large number of applications, including a voltage visualization system, a revenue protection app, and a reliability planner, among others. And when it comes to installing the software, you can use your own server or opt for Landis+Gyr’s cloud hosting service – just one of countless ways we make our system work for you.

Gridstream Software

Landis+Gyr software collects your grid data and uses physics-based algorithms to turn it into actionable insights, in turn helping you detect, predict and address issues, optimize operations, extend the life of your assets, and plan for new investments.

Landis+Gyr HES

Landis+Gyr HES is an interoperable Head End System that provides a communication and data collection layer between the smart meter infrastructure and the utility’s IT systems. It enables secure communication to the metering infrastructure and is interoperable with third-party devices based on IDIS standards. Landis+Gyr HES provides not only standard smart metering information for Metering Data Management (MDM) and Customer Interaction Systems (CIS), but also advanced features to support network monitoring. Versatile power quality information can be provided to Distribution Management Systems (DMS) allowing the system to send alarms on interruptions and malfunctions. Additionally, it can be used to shape the loads in the network through relay control functionality, and is built for efficient communication network management, providing transparent information on the system status and efficient tools for troubleshooting.

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Landis+Gyr AIM

Landis+Gyr AIM simplifies the way energy companies collect and manage metering data. Capable of efficient multi-energy meter data management, it offers task flow engines and validation beyond basic head end system functions. With a single, integrated smart metering software the utility can manage its AMM infrastructure, enhance its business processes and support the network management operations. Based on openness and modularity, Landis+Gyr AIM is designed for the ever-changing energy market and offers a single source for metering data that can then be transferred to other systems. The architecture of Landis+Gyr AIM ensures a high level of openness and interoperability across multi-utility infrastructures and enables bi-directional communication with other manufacturers’ hardware and software platforms. Landis+Gyr AIM offers a comprehensive range of value-adding applications for, e.g. deployment and reporting.

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Landis+Gyr Converge

Landis+Gyr Converge is an end-to-end software solution for industrial, commercial and grid energy companies. It covers the whole chain from data acquisition through meter data management, all the way to a flexible interfacing to 3rd party systems.
Supporting meter reading and processes from electricity meters as well as gas meters, heat meters and water meters. The system offers flexible licensing model enabling tailor-made configuration according to specific customer needs. The system is modular allowing customer to purchase only the modules they need. Enabling data from many different meters to be easily read, edited, processed, and passed to various market players, Landis+Gyr converge allows utilities to develop solid customer relationship and billing of services that they provide.

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Software Platforms

Gridstream® Connect

Gridstream® Connect is an open, secure and scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to unlock added value and maximize efficiencies from advanced metering infrastructures (AMI) by bringing together intelligent endpoints, communications, software and applications. As a comprehensive connectivity platform for utilities of all sizes, it extends beyond AMI into new, data-driven use cases providing utilities with a basis for a multitude of new services and business models.