Smart Water metering solutions

Simplify Water Management

Water measurements shouldn't have to rely on customers reporting it in or maintenance personnel using drive by or walk by measurements. Using modern NB-IoT connectivity for wireless measurement and advanced analytics, water grid operators can automate billing, predict network problems, relieve workforce, support advanced business models, lower costs & plan better. With NB-IoT connectivity, water metering can be done without visits and drivebys.

Smart Water Meters


ULTRAWATER® W370 Smart Water Meter

The new ULTRAWATER® W370 is a robust, IoT-ready, ultrasonic water meter t that helps water grid operators maintain a safe, reliable and efficient grid for the years to come by offering advanced metering and network insights even in the harshest of environments. With its robust long-life design, environmentally friendly lead-free brass tube and its energy efficient design, W370 provides actionable insights on consumption, delivery quality and meter point status across many years without maintenance. Downstream and upstream leak detection capabilities help operators safely detect leaks and coordinate their workforce accordingly. With integrated NB-IoT interfaces, the W370 lays the foundation for modern smart water networks.

  • NB-IoT with LwM2M
  • LoRa® + wM-Bus/OMS
  • NFC interface
  • 15+ years battery lifetime
  • Lead-free brass
  • App support and Extensive data logger
  • Acoustic leak detection 

ULTRAWATER® W270 Smart Water Meter

ULTRAWATER® W270 is a lightweight ultrasonic water meter that delivers reliable, actionable insights on consumption, delivery quality and meter point status. With its composite measuring tube and carefully selected materials, the W270 offers a 15+ year lifetime and is completely recyclable. With its ultrasonic measuring principle, it offers reliable operation across many years, in which it delivers valuable information on the metering point into the network. Equipped with modern IoT communication the meter is fully integrated into latest generation communication networks to build the basis for high performing economically viable smart water infrastructure.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Advanced, green design (without potting)
  • Modern IoT interfaces: NB-IoT or LoRa™ + wM-Bus
  • App support and Extensive data logger
  • NFC interface
  • Firmware updates over-the-air (NB-IoT)
  • Certificate based security concept

Water metering for the IoT era

How can we simplify water mangement

Colorless, odorless, indispensable for life. Arguably the most important, resource on the planet, water is under constant threat from climate change and leaky infrastructure. Ironically, while sea levels are rising on one hand, water shortages are becoming increasingly common on the other.

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Measuring water consumption in the digital age

Every year, millions of households wait for the manual readings of their water meters, having to stay home or organize friends or neighbors to be present so that the reading can take place. Additionally, for water utilities the annual reading is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and causes high expenses.Why not use the benefits of digitalization to make readings easier, more comfortable, more reliable, and more efficient for all parties involved?

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Tackling Non-revenue water

Providing clean and safe drinking water day in, day out isn’t as easy as it may sounds. To get the tap water you really want – clean, safe, and drinkable – there’s an entire chain of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes behind. But some of this treated water is lost within the system and can’t be billed. Dubbed Non-revenue water (NRW), this is not just an economic problem but also an ecological and humanitarian one.

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