Product Owner - vaikuttava tuoteomistaja

Olen aiemmin kirjoittanut urastani Landis+Gyrillä Team Leadinä. Tiiminveto on mukavaa puuhaa, mutta vaihtelukin virkistää. Viime aikoina olen keskittynyt enemmän tuotteiden vaatimuksiin Product Owner -roolissa. Siitä innostuneena ajattelinkin kirjoittaa siitä, miten tuoteomistaja eli Product Owner voi aktiivisesti vaikuttaa lopputuotteen laatuun.

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Transformation Is the New Norm

“I became aware of the fundamental difference between doing scrum versus agile thinking several years ago when my former colleague asked me to give a presentation about communication in scrum. I made a presentation and listed all the scrum ceremonies I could think of. I went to a conference room full of colleagues and gave the presentation. People looked confused. They were not positively overwhelmed. I was told that I only listed the ceremonies. The people wanted to discuss honesty, transparency and trust. It was my turn to be amazed.” – Tuomas Kepanen

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Usability is a key element of User Experience

What is the key to creating products that are easy and pleasant to use? For the answer to this question, we first need to take a look at user experience (UX) and usability and what they mean.

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Software production guided by principle of continuous delivery

[in Finnish below]

Principles of software production have changed from traditional style to agile software development such as Agile, Scrum, TDD and Continuous Delivery. Thanks to agile software development, it’s easier and faster to react to customers’ and project’s needs. Fast changes require a solid method which enables the fast feedback about the changes and their impact. To answer this challenge we have chosen Continuous Delivery as one of our methods. It supports our goal to deliver our products fast to our customers.

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