7 ways a grid monitoring solution can help utilities manage the grid better

16-May-2023 16:29:18

grid operatorEnsuring quality of supply and grid resilience is vital to reliable and efficient supply of electricity. However, maintaining high-quality power delivery and a resilient grid can get tricky in an increasingly complex and dynamic grid that needs to accommodate renewables, EV charging and high activity from prosumers. How can grid planners and network operators achieve their goals of maintaining a safe, reliable and resilient grid ?  In this blog, we highlight seven ways how a grid monitoring service can help.

1. Early Fault Detection

With real-time monitoring capabilities, a grid monitoring service can detect faults, load imbalances, and abnormal voltage fluctuations early on. This enables network planners and operators to proactively address issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

2.Load Balancing and Voltage Management

 By analyzing data from multiple monitoring points, a grid monitoring service offers insights into load imbalances and voltage profiles across the grid. This empowers network planners and operators to optimize load distribution, manage voltages within acceptable limits, and ensure efficient grid operation.

3.Power quality monitoring

Although usually hidden from plain sight, bad power quality can damage equipment or reduce their lifespan, lead to outages and reduce operational efficiencies for industries and businesses. Voltage dips, harmonics, transients, flickers and other anomalies caused by fast switching devices, erratic EV charging, renewable energy sources, industrial equipment etc. cost European businesses over  150 billion euros a year.  A grid monitoring service can bring greater transparency on power quality disruption to help grid operators minimize disruptions, protect grid assets and industrial equipment and improve SAIDI/SAIFI scores

4. Integration of Renewable Energy

Grid monitoring service assists in monitoring and managing the impact of variable renewable generation. It provides network planners and operators with the tools to handle the intermittent nature of renewable energy, ensuring smooth integration and stable grid operation.

5. Real-time grid visualization and insights

Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, a Grid monitoring service can process vast amounts of data collected from sensors and meters. This enables network planners and operators to gain actionable insights, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for efficient grid management. Customizable dashboards and visual representations of grid conditions allow network planners and operators to have a holistic view of the system. This aids in identifying congestion areas, weak points, or potential bottlenecks, facilitating efficient planning and grid optimization.

6. Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management

Grid monitoring service can predict potential equipment failures or performance degradation by analyzing data trends and patterns. This empowers network planners and operators to schedule proactive maintenance activities, optimize asset management strategies, and minimize downtime.

7. Incident Management and Response

Instant alerts and notifications provided by the Grid Monitoring service enables network planners and operators to quickly respond to anomalies or grid disturbances. This facilitates rapid troubleshooting, fault isolation, and restoration of service, ensuring minimal impact on customers.

A solution in the cloud ?

Grid Monitoring offers network planners and operators several benefits to enhance grid resilience and streamline operations. Landis+Gyr is introducing a new cloud native solution to bring Grid monitoring and power quality monitoring as a service to help network operators and network planners maintain a healthier grid. From early fault detection to predictive maintenance and incident management, this solution  allows you to take proactive approach to grid monitoring and equips you with the tools and insights necessary to optimize grid performance, and deliver reliable electricity supply. Speak with our experts to learn more or try out this new solution.

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