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    Unlocking the potential of IoT - Insights from the Landis+Gyr webinar

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world by embedding intelligence into everyday objects and enabling seamless communication between devices.Our Landis+Gyr webinar discussed key aspects of IoT, including its definition, communication methods, typical use cases, and Landis+Gyr's contributions to this transformative field.

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    Beyond the meter: Unveiling the benefits of "Smart Water Metering" for consumers

    In today's technologically advanced world, smart water metering is revolutionizing how consumers interact with and manage their water usage. This innovative approach goes beyond the simple recording of water consumption, it empowers individuals by providing them with detailed insights into their water use patterns, enabling them to identify inefficiencies, conserve resources, and potentially lower the bills.


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    n the age of data-driven decision making, industries are constantly looking for innovative ways to use information for efficiency and sustainability. The water distribution sector is no exception. Traditional water meters have long served their purpose in measuring consumption for billing purposes, but the advent of smart water meters has ushered in a new era of optimization and insight. These advanced meters are not only revolutionizing billing processes, but also providing a wealth of real-time data that can transform distribution networks and curb water loss.

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    40 years of pioneering in Ultrasonic metering

    In the 1970s, it became urgent for companies to improve flow monitoring as Europe and the rest of the world were suffering from the explosion in oil and energy prices. Sensing the urgency for accurate energy measurement, Landis+Gyr introduced their very first ultrasonic meters 2WR2 which could be directly used for billing. Due to their accuracy, durability, low maintenance and robustness, these meters became the future of heat and cooling measurement. Today they are the foundation of our smart heat and water meters.

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    Get smart: Water meters and communication protocols

    How much water has been consumed? Is there a leak or stagnation somewhere? Is maintenance  necessary? No longer does this information need to be collected by technicians during scheduled on-site visits. Because unlike, traditional water meters, smart water meters communicate and transmit their data automatically, regularly – and in case of an event, immediately – to the water supplier or municipality. While various protocols are available the right choice depends on specific requirements.

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    Tackling Non-revenue water

    Providing clean and safe drinking water day in, day out isn’t as easy as it sounds. To get the tap water you really want – clean, safe, and drinkable – there’s an entire chain of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes behind. And that has its price. Complex plants and pipe networks need to be built, operated, and maintained to provide a reliable municipal water supply. And the high investment, operational, and lifecycle costs are the reason why every drop is valuable. Treated water that is lost within the system and can’t be billed – non-revenue water (NRW) – is therefore an economical issue for water utilities and has to be minimized as fast as possible. The clock is ticking. And not just because of the financial loss but also because of potential ecological and humanitarian reasons.

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