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    Maintaining OT Security under NIS2: Strategies for Businesses without In-House Expertise

    Energy companies are under pressure from all sides when it comes to the cyber security of their critical infrastructure. The spiraling skills gap is set against an increasingly dynamic risk landscape and more far-reaching legislation. Nevertheless, companies must quickly find ways to set up their own operational technology (OT) security expertise. 

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    n the age of data-driven decision making, industries are constantly looking for innovative ways to use information for efficiency and sustainability. The water distribution sector is no exception. Traditional water meters have long served their purpose in measuring consumption for billing purposes, but the advent of smart water meters has ushered in a new era of optimization and insight. These advanced meters are not only revolutionizing billing processes, but also providing a wealth of real-time data that can transform distribution networks and curb water loss.

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    Level Up Your Charge: Secure Contactless Payment Options

    As we embrace the electric revolution, the convenience of charging our vehicles is becoming as simple as scanning a QR code. This blog delves into the exciting intersection of user-friendly payment methods and the critical need for solutions with available security measures. 

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    Power Up Your Grid: How NB-IoT Extends Smart Metering Possibilities

    The communication technology landscape for AMI and smart grids is rapidly evolving, with a  rise in Radio Frequency (RF) mesh networks due to their reliability and long-range capabilities. This agility is crucial for finding and capitalizing on new opportunities while providing stable and sustainable energy supply. But what is the best technology for the increasingly demanding digitalization of energy grids?

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    Powering Progress: Efficient EV Charge Point Network Management Using Open Protocols

    The electric vehicle (EV) sector is rapidly transforming, and the need for flexible, reliable charging infrastructure is growing faster than ever, fuelled by demand from local legislation and a growing number of EV drivers. Beyond infrastructure cost, equipment quality, and smart charging features, it's crucial to manage all charging assets from one place while ensuring future compatibility with other systems. As we embrace the electric transition, the role of open protocols, like Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI), Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP) becomes indispensable for ensuring high level of services now and in the future.  

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    Smart meter at the Top of Europe

    The network topology of Jungfraubahnen is situated in a beautiful mountain landscape in the Bernese Oberland. This mountainous and partly sparsely populated region poses challenges in terms of the accessibility of smart meters, as the combination of cables and overhead lines together with remote measuring points makes classic powerline communication difficult or even impossible due to attenuation at cable/overhead line transitions.

    As an integral part of the Energy Strategy 2050, Jungfraubahnen relies on intelligent electricity meters from Landis+Gyr, improving the accessibility of remote measuring points. The future-proof smart metering solution is optimised for the challenging Swiss topology and tailored to the high demands of the diverse customers in Landis+Gyr's home market.

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