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    Reflecting on 125 Years of Excellence

    To say it’s rare for a company to be in existence for 125 years is an understatement. In the United Statesfor example, only about 0.5% of companies have what it takes to last 100 years. That’s whywe are pleased to reflect on our company history with pride as this month, 125 years ago, the Electrotechnical Institute Theiler & Co. was founded, laying the foundation of Landis+Gyr for many successful years to come. From the production of the first electricity meters at a time when electricity was in its beginnings to the events that have impacted how the company operatesLandis+Gyr has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers. 

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    Corporate Social Responsibility - A Brighter Future for Everyone

    By its very nature, smart metering technology contributes to a more sustainable future. It enables utilities and consumers to make informed decisions about energy usage, improve their energy efficiency and encourages to responsible resource consumption. Smart Metering systems are an essential component of global efforts to upgrade energy distribution systems and master the transition to an increasingly decentralized grid architecture. They build the foundation for innovative energy management solutions, paving the way to a sustainable energy future.

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    A history of Landis+Gyr through the camera lens

    For more than a century Landis+Gyr has helped utilities manage energy better. The history of the company was subject to a photo exhibition that took place at the end of last year called, ‘Industry in Pictures’. The exhibition was organized by the Swiss university, ETH Zürich's archive of contemporary history. The exhibition was in cooperation with Verein Industriepfad Lorze with Landis+Gyr among the sponsors. Visitors to the exhibition, which was aptly situated at a former workshop of the old factory at Hofstrasse (Shedhalle Zug, Switzerland), were able to view a photo collection with over 300,000 objects. The collection featured among it, photos of the company's then employees, machinery, production and every day working life at Landis+Gyr between the years of 1896 and 1996. Together with the photo exhibition, ETH Zürich's archive of contemporary history has enabled research into the historic records of Landis+Gyr in order to shed light on various aspects of the company’s rich history.

    Have you been part of Landis+Gyr's history? Why not share with us in the comments section below!

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