Utility 4.0 - Activating the Internet of Energy

As decarbonization, deentralization and digitalization continue to affect the energy industry, DSO's are taking on new roles and greater challenges in ensuring a reliable, resilient grid. In the IoT era of OT/IT convergence , where are you in your journey to transformation ?

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Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting and Transforming the Utility Industry and the Energy Sector

Artificial Intelligence is no longer Science Fiction! Even though the type that actually mimics human behavior is still quite far away – at least for the time being – we have been surrounded by so-called “narrow AI” for a while. Narrow AI handles a single task type or a domain-specific problem and here we have passed a tipping point. What has become possible with data capture, storage and processing has put AI on steroids!

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Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Stockfish and Deep Blue can beat world chess champions, Alexa can recognize your voice, your spam filter curbs annoying emails and your credit card provider can spot fraud. But real artificial intelligence goes much further… it’s about having a machine that learns, thinks and makes decisions in much the same way as a human.

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