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    Smart meter at the Top of Europe

    The network topology of Jungfraubahnen is situated in a beautiful mountain landscape in the Bernese Oberland. This mountainous and partly sparsely populated region poses challenges in terms of the accessibility of smart meters, as the combination of cables and overhead lines together with remote measuring points makes classic powerline communication difficult or even impossible due to attenuation at cable/overhead line transitions.

    As an integral part of the Energy Strategy 2050, Jungfraubahnen relies on intelligent electricity meters from Landis+Gyr, improving the accessibility of remote measuring points. The future-proof smart metering solution is optimised for the challenging Swiss topology and tailored to the high demands of the diverse customers in Landis+Gyr's home market.

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    Smarter Design Enables Massive Savings in Material Usage

    Landis+Gyr’s Fair Meter Pilot takes meter circularity to the next level; introducing a radical meter redesign as part of the smart metering project being carried out with the Dutch utilities Alliander and Stedin in 2016 - 2021. Landis+Gyr’s new meter resulted in reduced material intensity enabling a reduction of 220 metric tons of plastic virgin material and 50 metric tons of metal in the project.

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    Landis+Gyr's communication portfolio complements with RF Mesh IP

    With the launch of the advanced E360 smart meter, Landis+Gyr presents the broadest communication offering in the European market as its portfolio widens from G3 PLC and P2P cellular to include RF Mesh IP technology.

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    Towards a Fairer World – One Meter at a Time!

    A Dutch consortium led by the two largest grid operators in the Netherlands has introduced an initiative to make the world a better place. The idea behind the Fair Meter initiative is to only use ecologically sustainable and socially acceptable devices within the catchment area of the consortium – thereby hopefully changing the entire electronics market. 

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    A smart meter for advanced energy markets: The new E360

    Advances in micro-generation of renewables, storage technologies, ICT, IoT, and, not least, shifting DSO and end-user capabilities are changing expectations in the smart metering industry. To meet these and future market challenges Landis+Gyr extends its smart meter portfolio with a new residential electricity meter, the E360. This innovative device represents a completely new approach to smart meter technology and is specifically designed to accommodate more mature smart metering markets.

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    The fair meter: Social responsibility is standard with the new E360.

    Landis+Gyr commits to high standards in environmental awareness and business ethics across its operations, products and services. The ‘Fair Meter’ initiative of a major customer project in the Netherlands demonstrates the company’s contribution to developing and delivering market leading, environmentally and socially conscious technologies and products.

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