A smart meter for advanced energy markets: The new E360

By Landis+Gyr - 04-Nov-2016 14:04:38

Advances in micro-generation of renewables, storage technologies, ICT, IoT, and, not least, shifting DSO and end-user capabilities are changing expectations in the smart metering industry. To meet these and future market challenges Landis+Gyr extends its smart meter portfolio with a new residential electricity meter, the E360. This innovative device represents a completely new approach to smart meter technology and is specifically designed to accommodate more mature smart metering markets.


The E360 has been designed for adaption to a variety of rollout strategies, which means it can meet the requirements for efficient AMI implementation independent of scale and pace of the rollout. Furthermore, the new meter can adapt to changing technological and regulatory requirements throughout its lifetime and its architecture reduces integration costs and provides headroom for future upgrades.


New E360 specifically for DSO’s that...

  • 1. … have experience in smart metering
  • 2. … need to renew metering parks to meet regulatory changes
  • 3. ... anticipate advances in ICT and other technologies
  • 4. … think about smart grid integration
  • 5. … have potential multi-energy services
  • 6. … want to minimize integration costs
  • 7. … think about second sourcing
  • 8. … pay attention to quality and execution
  • 9. … are aware of corporate social responsibilities
  • 10. … wish to future-proof network architecture

As you’d expect from a future-ready device, the E360’s groundbreaking communication capability is especially built for an IoT world. The meter has a modular gateway which makes it possible to change the meter’s role in a communication network as well as the communication media used. Furthermore, the necessary security and connectivity requirements for IoT are fully integrated into the design.

The clear interfaces make integrating the meter with Smart Home and Smart Grid applications a straightforward task. In addition, the meter features a Customer Information Interface which allows for communication of metering data directly to the end consumer with a 3rd party application and providing end consumers local access to real time data. This is an important feature in European markets where energy regulators want smart meters to enable consumers to make qualified energy usage decisions.

Besides taking the smart metering functionality to a new level, E360 represents integrated sustainability right from the design phase. The meter development follows “fair meter” principles originating from the AMI project in the Netherlands,  while reflecting even a broader approach to a sustainable, responsible production and use of smart energy meters. Read more in this article.

The E360 concept covers all aspects of high-performing smart metering communication in the same product family. This means that Landis+Gyr will further strengthen its communication portfolio with compelling RF mesh, cellular data networks (LTE) and G3 PLC solutions in E360 in the near future. There is also plenty to do in the present. The first version of the E360 is about to be launched in the Netherlands where a mass rollout will start in 2017. And proof that the market is more than ready for the E360 is that there is already an order backlog of over 1 million meters.

Learn more about the E360 meter on our European Utility Week hub:

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