GridFlex Control: Taking control of the active grid

14-Sep-2023 15:51:53

smart_gridsIn an increasingly decentralized grid, grid operators face increasing challenges in grid resilience, asset management, grid balancing, safety, and security. The ability to effectively monitor and control the grid and its assets is vital in identifying issues and taking preventive and corrective actions before grid stability and reliability affected. Thankfully, the digitalization of the energy system through the rollout of smart metering and control equipment opens the door for maneuvering in the next phase of the energy transition.

Managing flexibility in a digitalized ecosystem 

The integration of millions of households and businesses into a digitalized energy system enables efficient balancing of generation and consumption, bringing new possibilities to introduce flexibilities on a large scale, from decentralized control of generation and loads to storage appliances and e-mobility. This also allows the decoupling of grid expansion and renewable energy expansion so that they can evolve independently. 

However, the management of flexibilities in such a large quantity and with sector coupling applications, requires a mass data-capable IT system for grid, market, and system-serving flexibility management. A software-controlled, highly automated flexibility management can function as the foundation for a balanced, cost effective and efficient energy system that not only avoids the curtailment of renewables but also reduces the need for electricity storage and the transfer of energy across larger parts of the grid. That is why we introduced the
Landis+Gyr GridFlex Control solution. 

Landis+Gyr GridFlex Control

Landis+Gyr GridFlex Control connects all components of an energy system and enables integration down to the smallest level: Producers, consumers, and storage - conventional and renewable, controllable, and non-controllable, centralized, and decentralized, connected via classic remote-control technology or as a component of intelligent metering systems.

For higher-order systems such as virtual power plants or optimization systems, that control both centralized and decentralized flexibilities via metering, SCADA and forecast data, GridFlex Control represents the cost-efficient access to each individual flexibility. Thus, the interaction of all components and especially flexibilities can be intelligently controlled. GridFlex Control takes over the essential tasks of highly automated management, aggregation and grouping, control and monitoring of the components and processes.

Based on field-proven, horizontally scalable Big Data technology that integrates AI algorithms, GridFlex Control manages the immense amounts of smart metering data generated during the smart meter rollout and quickly reaches useful and precise solutions. The solution will be able to integrate millions of households and businesses and enable the use of flexibilities at any market location. A simple front end in the web browser is used to operate Gridflex.

What are the possibilities ?

The GridFlex Control solution can be easily expanded to include a wide range of innovative applications that contribute to the success of the integrated energy transition, including:

  • Integrating renewables:  GridFlex Control supports the energy industry players in using renewable energies intelligently and represents the key technical element of market-, grid- and system-serving flexibility management by means of intelligent measurement and control systems.
  • Interoperable systems :  As a universal link between the classic energy world and actively controlled components, GridFlex Control can be integrated into complete solutions along the entire energy industry value chain - for example, in interplay with grid and operational management, portfolio management, market communication, with forecasting systems, in algorithmic trading and in end customer sales.
  • Ripple and load control systems: This ranges from simple applications such as the replacement of traditional ripple control systems for load control, to grid-serving applications such as peak shaving or voltage stability, to the automated integration of controlled flexibilities in next-generation virtual power plants.
Demand Response programs: With GridFlex Control, utilities can implement new demand response programs with direct and selective control of loads. Schedules can be uploaded regularly, allowing dynamic tariff schemes and active distribution systems. 

Why GridFlex Control?

GridFlex Control opens new possibilities for managing the entire range of decentralized flexibility management that will arise in the future, without requiring a system break or changeover. It allows for heat pumps, night storage tanks, boilers, or street lighting to be grouped in a supply area, regardless of where the individual devices are physically connected which means that flexibility can be freely and dynamically organized, grouped or separated. As a scalable, advanced solution for flexibility management, GridFlex Control is a solution with which you can implement basic functionalities quickly, easily, and cost-effectively before scaling it to grow with your requirements. Key advantages include:

  • Integrated comprehensive solution for smart metering and control systems (smart metering/grid).
  • Fast time-to-market: GridFlex Control is already in productive use in the field and at the end consumer's premises.
  • Low one-off and entry costs, gradual expansions up to integration in virtual power plants.
  • Modern and intuitive user interface accessible through a web browser.
  • Easy integration into existing IT systems (e.g. CRM, MDM, SCADA control systems).
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for secure, simple, and straightforward use.

Taking control - on the grid and at the edge

 With the growth of renewable energy sources, distributed energy resources (DERs), and electric vehicles, grid operators must adapt to changing load patterns and ensure the stability and reliability of the grid. Whether it is for keeping the lights on, maintaining grid and asset health, or optimizing for the future, getting real-time data on quality of supply, fault location and identification and asset health as well as advanced control mechanisms are vital in enabling of a safe, reliable, and secure grid. 

Learn how our solutions for grid monitoring and flexibility management can help you.

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