Reducing electronic waste through triage and refurbishment

24-Aug-2023 17:13:39

engineers refusbishing In the ever-evolving landscape of modern utilities, where technology plays a pivotal role in delivering efficient and sustainable services, there exists a challenge that's often hidden from the spotlight – the proper management of electronic waste.  As utilities strive to provide reliable and innovative solutions, the issue of stranded assets, particularly in the form of electronic devices like SMETS2 meters, has become increasingly prominent. These assets, once valuable components of utility operations, can quickly turn into burdens if not managed effectively.

In this article, we'll delve into the challenges utilities face when it comes to electronic waste management, explore the strategies to address these challenges, and introduce Landis+Gyr's  Triage and Refurbishment Program.

Stranded Assets

Stranded assets, such as SMETS2 meters in the energy industry, can give businesses a headache. These assets can accrue costs due to premature replacement charges and environmental concerns related to electronic waste. Moreover, managing these stranded devices can be time-consuming and costly, taking away valuable resources from core business activities. It's also important to consider the impact on sustainability goals, as improperly managed electronic waste can harm the environment and contribute to the global e-waste problem.

Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment program

To address the challenges of stranded assets, businesses need an effective approach that addresses both economic and environmentalpremat concerns. Landis+Gyr has taken a proactive stance in this regard by developing a Triage and Refurbishment Service. This service not only helps businesses avoid premature replacement charges but also contributes to reducing electronic waste and simplifying the management of stranded products. Top benefits include

  1. avoidance of premature replacement charge
  2. reduced electronic waste and therefore environmental impact
  3. reduced time and effort needed to manage stranded products
  4. reduced cost of storing stranded products.

The approach

Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment Service is a comprehensive solution that empowers customers to refurbish, reset, and reuse their stranded assets. The service is designed with two primary pathways:

  1. 'Backlog' Triage and Refurbishment: This pathway focuses on redeploying meters that were stranded before the introduction of Use Case 4 firmware. Use Case 4 defines the secure process for meter factory resets.
  2. 'Enduring' Triage and Refurbishment: This pathway aids in redeploying meters stranded after the Use Case 4 firmware introduction, provided they have compatible firmware versions.

Several factors guide the decision-making process for managing stranded meters, such as the reason for stranding, installed firmware version, refurbishability, configuration preferences, and the choice of performing operations on-site or through Landis+Gy's service. Landis+Gyr's triage and refurbishment solution takes all these factors into account and provides a simple to use service that integrates into our wider reverse logistics and warranty support service for SMETS1 and SMETS2 meter types. 

Streamlined Process and Environmental Impact

Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment Solution offers a streamlined process. Customers simply need to reach out to their account manager and initiate the process. An initial test ensures that the refurbishment process works effectively. Once the formal customer requisition order is received, the stranded meters undergo triage, refurbishment, and classification. This process applies to both 'Backlog' and 'Enduring' firmware scenarios. Alternatively, customers can choose to perform the process within their own facilities with Landis+Gyr's guidance and support. Regardless of the chosen approach, Landis+Gyr maintains full traceability and diagnostic data to meet data management and security requirements.

Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment Service covers various aspects to breathe new life into stranded assets:

  1. Physical inspection and replacement of missing parts
  2. Reading non-sensitive meter data for identification and diagnostics
  3. Removal of Home Area Network (HAN) bindings
  4. Clearing device logs, consumer data, and privacy PIN
  5. Reprogramming organizational certificates
  6. Resetting the meter into credit mode and closing internal supply control
  • Upon successful completion, the refurbished meters are packaged and returned to customers along with a comprehensive shipment report.
  • A Greener and Cost-Effective Future

    The costs and environmental impact of stranded SMETS2 meter assets is an ongoing problem for UK energy suppliers. Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment Service serves as a strategic solution that seamlessly integrates with existing reverse logistics and warranty processes. By opting for this service, suppliers can avoid premature replacement charges and unnecessary scrappage of meters. Landis+Gyr's user-friendly approach caters to a wide range of meter types and firmware versions, offering flexibility even for on-site operations if required.

    As the energy industry marches towards a greener and more sustainable future, Landis+Gyr's Triage and Refurbishment Service emerges as a pivotal step in reducing electronic waste, curbing costs, and contributing to a healthier environment. By choosing the right path, businesses can transform their challenges into opportunities for growth and positive impact.

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