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    LTE CAT NB1 and M1: What are the benefits for smart metering?

    The selection of the most suitable communications technology for a smart metering solution is an important step when building a smart metering infrastructure. Communication technology has evolved dramatically since the first installations of ‘smart’ meters, and so did the expectation regarding data availability, and functionality around smart metering. For a long time it was sufficient to read out data once a day for monthly invoicing, but today expectations are often moving in the direction of near real-time availability - for example, to enable DSO to provide load profile and consumption data in a customer portal, have power quality data available for analysis at short intervals, or use the smart meter infrastructure as replacement for ripple control load management.

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    Landis+Gyr and Telia join forces to Introduce NB-IoT in AMI

    New technology allows cost-efficient, robust data transfer from smart energy meters into utility business systems and paves the way for new innovations in the energy sector.

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    Leveraging the Potential of AMI Data in Asset Management

    Managing distribution assets is a key consideration for utilities, as they look to maximize the life of existing and new asset investments. With Advanced Grid Analytics, the AMI data can be harnessed to help utilities make sound strategic investment decisions.

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    Enabling Grid Digitization in Europe

    Reliable and efficient delivery of energy in a dynamic smart grid environment remains a number one priority for distribution system operators in Europe. Increased load and distributed generation make the existing energy network more vulnerable to shortages and grid congestion. However, monitoring transformer loads, and electric power quality help prevent incidents and protect utilities’ power distribution assets.

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    Britain Leads Smart Meter Revolution

    In October, Landis+Gyr announced a major milestone with the first ‘next generation’ UK smart meter installation for its customer British Gas. Using the latest technology, the new smart meters for electricity and gas enable seamless switching between suppliers and comply with the UK Government’s ground-breaking smart energy standard, SMETS2 ('smart metering equipment technical specifications 2’).

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    Pilot Project on Advanced Grid Analytics in Liechtenstein

    In an eight-month pilot project, Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (LKW) and Landis+Gyr are testing the potential of Advanced Grid Analytics for typical utility company processes in medium- and low-voltage networks. The aim of the pilot project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of smart meter data for grid analysis and optimization. The project was launched at the beginning of September this year, and once it is successfully completed, country-wide rollout is planned with a total of 27,000 metering points.

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