Digitization – The Driver of Distribution Automation for Smart Grid Operations

Historically, distribution networks have not been equipped with high levels of automation – but market dynamics and the advent of smart grid technologies are rapidly changing this. Nowadays, energy generation and distribution rely on advanced digital technologies and intelligent devices to satisfy customer demands and business requirements. To the distribution system operator, digitization is the key to new distribution automation technologies for better performance.

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Delivering distribution intelligence with network monitoring & control

Intelligent transition from a traditional one-way distribution system to a fully controllable and flexible power grid allowing for integration of distributed energy resources requires significant investments and industry insights.

At this year’s smart grid technical forum SGTech Europe 2015, more than 250 energy professionals will come together to share latest project experiences and technological innovations to support the industry’s drive towards the smart grid.

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Solar eclipse - a lesson for the future

Tomorrow morning it'll happen – the moon will pass the sun and cast a shadow across Europe. Solar power production will drop suddenly and rise quickly again. Unlike many other external circumstances affecting the grid, the solar eclipse comes with a long lead time and a very precise ETA. What we can’t predict accurately is the weather tomorrow morning and the depth of the swing. I bet that quite a few network operators would wish for a cloudy Friday morning, as it would significantly smoothen the impact of the eclipse.

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Distribution Intelligence – Securing investments and Creating a Reliable Power Supply

The adoption of distribution intelligence will help utilities reap the benefits of their smart grid investments.

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Distribution Automation solution helps Dutch DNO radically reduce average outage duration

EnexisWith every new smart device, with every program, app and gadget, and with every step towards more comprehensive digitalization, the dependence on a constant supply of electricity increases. Accordingly, supply reliability is becoming more crucial while consumers are becoming less forgiving of interruptions.

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