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    Megawatt-Scale Energy Storage Opens Up a New Range of Possibilities

    The changing market landscape is creating a growing demand for advanced storage systems, especially with regard to renewable energy inputs. Toshibas’ Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) does a lot more than make it possible to control fluctuations in frequency of wind and solar inputs. It automates voltage regulation, optimizes demand and supply, and provides reliable back-up in blackout or disaster situations. Little wonder this 1.2 MW battery storage unit is rapidly gaining favor with major utilities.

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    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installed in Helsinki

    The largest energy storage system in the Nordic countries, supplied by Landis+Gyr and Toshiba, has arrived in the Suvilahti area of Helsinki. The battery system weighs about 28 tons and includes over 13 000 lithium-ion SCiB™ battery cells. It was installed in mid-May, in readiness for implementation in early June.
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    Biggest battery energy storage installation in the Nordics

    Landis+Gyr and Toshiba will deliver the largest energy storage system of its kind in the Nordics. Helen Ltd, a major energy utility in Finland, will use the 1.2 MW Toshiba Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in a pilot to test the capabilities of battery energy storage in the smart grid environment – and develop new business models around it.

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    Solar eclipse: An expected solar challenge

    The solar eclipse will be a test for Europe’s energy grid, but the real concern is the ability to quickly restore the network.

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    Battery energy storage systems for high power applications

    Advanced energy storage systems are currently emerging as assets with potential for both network and generation applications within the grid network.

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