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    New interoperable CT connected smart meter for AMI applications

    Landis+Gyr presents its first current transformer (CT) connected IDIS compliant smart meter for low voltage commercial, light industrial and high consumption residential customers.

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    Gridstream GWA - Meeting German standards

    Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream® GWA (Gateway Administration) is a new, fully automated, comprehensive smart metering solution. Developed to meet the strict requirements of the German market, the Gridstream GWA is designed for high performance as well as efficient operations in large scale, point-to-point smart grid installations with high privacy and security requirements.

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    Landis+Gyr's Gridstream® updated for enhanced security

    In the latest release of its end-to-end smart grid platform Gridstream, Landis+Gyr has made communication security a key priority for the data exchange between interoperable smart meters and head end system (HES) via power-line communications (PLC).

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    Unique yet interoperable

    According to Berg Insight, the rate of smart meter penetration in Europe reached 22% at the end of 2013 and is expected to increase to 60% by the end of 2019, resulting in 170.1 million installed units. Now that utilities are looking to replace their entire meter parks with intelligent devices, open international standards and interoperability are becoming more important.

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    Landis+Gyr supports interoperability in Poland

    Landis+Gyr helped TAURON Dystrybucja to conduct a successful pilot project, in Poland, to deliver a full end-to-end smart metering solution, integrating meters from three different vendors.

    Smart meter interoperability is crucial for utilities to ensure that their investment in modern energy management solutions is future-proof. Landis+Gyr has recently completed a pilot project for Polish utility Tauron where IDIS-certified meters from three different manufacturers are being used in the same meter park, all managed in the Gridstream AIM smart metering system.

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    E450 rigorous testing secures end-to-end solution integration

    E450 Series 3, Landis+Gyr’s latest IDIS-compliant residential electricity meter, is being tested to meet industry and international standards. The product launch is planned for the second half of 2014.

    The meter is undergoing system integration testing with Gridstream®, Landis+Gyr’s end-to-end smart metering solution. The new device employs the company’s automated test environment, which provides more thorough and consistent testing in reduced timescales.

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