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    G3-500 Boosts the Performance of G3-PLC Technology Even Higher

    G3-PLC communication technology is known for its fast and reliable communication in a smart grid environment. By utilizing the G3-500 frequency band for smart metering communication, the easy-to-build technology provides outstanding reliability. This has been proven in several field tests with Landis+Gyr customers.

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    NB-IoT Extends the Opportunities of Smart Metering

    How can an AMI technology provider prove the flexibility and future-readiness of its solution better than by continuously creating new opportunities in smart metering and reacting to the rapid market development? Landis+Gyr demonstrates its capabilities to meet energy utilities’ expectations and needs by adding the latest advantageous communications technology to its AMI portfolio –  NB-IoT will contribute to smart grid functionalities and to the Internet of Things.

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    Building the communication network of the future

    IPv6 The key communication enabler for the Internet of Things

    Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPv6 is an Internet addressing system developed by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) to replace the IPv4 protocol. Development was primarily driven by address exhaustion, but in addition to offering a vastly increased number of unique addresses (an IPv6 address is 128 bits long, which allows for a total of approximately 3.4×1038 different addresses) there are a number of other important advantages, particularly in the field of utilities infrastructure.

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    Why utilities are using data analytics

    Data management services and analytics are the key catalysts driving the Internet of Things innovations now being widely adopted by utilities to transform their operations and managerial capabilities.

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