ULTRAHEAT T450: Intelligent Measurement Technology for Exceptional Reliability

Landis+Gyr’s new ULTRAHEAT®T450 ultrasonic heat and cooling meter enables homes and buildings to be energy efficient and optimizes energy usage, even in the most demanding environments.

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Milestone for Landis+Gyr: Five Million Heat Meters

Landis+Gyr has reached a company record at its Nuremberg production facility with the production and delivery of its five-millionth heat meter. This is a great achievement for its 220+ employees on the site and a remarkable success story for the company’s international Center of Competence (CoC) for both heat and cooling meters.

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Flexibility for the Future with Smart Metering Solutions for Cooling

Without doubt, flexibility will be a key component in the future of energy grids. Future grids will need to have the capability to react almost instantaneously to changes in loads to efficiently manage constantly fluctuating consumption and generation. On utility and DSO side, there is an expectation of a full suite of smart grid devices that match particular requirements. These needs will be shaped by a wide range of factors from population density to climate and geography. Some parts of the world produce a lot of wind power or have access to geothermal sources of energy. Colder regions need to monitor heating consumption, while warmer regions need accurate data on consumption of energy used for cooling. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions from Landis+Gyr, every region can have smart grids tailor-made to their needs in a way that maximizes the gains these technologies offer.

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Info Finder: the Heat Meter App

What are the ideal installation instructions for our customers? And how do we make it easier for installers and technicians to access the information that they need to set up on meters, even in dark environments? We designed and developed a comprehensive and user-friendly solution: the Landis+Gyr "Info Finder" smartphone app.

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Landis+Gyr’s ULTRAHEAT Meter Family Just Got More Robust

Landis+Gyr extends its product portfolio with ULTRAHEAT® T330 / ULTRACOLD® T330, the new ultrasonic meter for residential heating and cooling applications. The T330 delivers top-level measurement accuracy and stability, robust design and easy handling.

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Landis+Gyr’s heat metering solution to transform domestic heating market in Iceland

Landis+Gyr recently won an open tender to supply a complete heat metering solution to the state-run energy supplier HS Veitur in Iceland.

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