Buying and Selling SaaS – Concerns and Considerations

In many cases, different rules apply in product, software and service sales. Lately, I’ve noted that the true game changer is selling — and buying — Software as a Service. Simply said, Software as a Service (SaaS) means that you get access to a software application running somewhere in the cloud, instead of having it installed and managed by you at your own premises — an approach gaining popularity across industries and the way of the future.

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New Video: Bringing Data to Life with Advanced Grid Analytics

How can utilities make intelligent use of their smart metering infrastructure? What are the benefits of analytics for typical processes in medium- and low-voltage networks? In times of increasing decentralization of generation across the distribution network, Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics software (AGA) offers multifaceted benefits.

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Flexibility for the Future with Smart Metering Solutions for Cooling

Without doubt, flexibility will be a key component in the future of energy grids. Future grids will need to have the capability to react almost instantaneously to changes in loads to efficiently manage constantly fluctuating consumption and generation. On utility and DSO side, there is an expectation of a full suite of smart grid devices that match particular requirements. These needs will be shaped by a wide range of factors from population density to climate and geography. Some parts of the world produce a lot of wind power or have access to geothermal sources of energy. Colder regions need to monitor heating consumption, while warmer regions need accurate data on consumption of energy used for cooling. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions from Landis+Gyr, every region can have smart grids tailor-made to their needs in a way that maximizes the gains these technologies offer.

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G3-500 Boosts the Performance of G3-PLC Technology Even Higher

G3-PLC communication technology is known for its fast and reliable communication in a smart grid environment. By utilizing the G3-500 frequency band for smart metering communication, the easy-to-build technology provides outstanding reliability. This has been proven in several field tests with Landis+Gyr customers.

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NB-IoT Extends the Opportunities of Smart Metering

How can an AMI technology provider prove the flexibility and future-readiness of its solution better than by continuously creating new opportunities in smart metering and reacting to the rapid market development? Landis+Gyr demonstrates its capabilities to meet energy utilities’ expectations and needs by adding the latest advantageous communications technology to its AMI portfolio –  NB-IoT will contribute to smart grid functionalities and to the Internet of Things.

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Britain Leads Smart Meter Revolution

In October, Landis+Gyr announced a major milestone with the first ‘next generation’ UK smart meter installation for its customer British Gas. Using the latest technology, the new smart meters for electricity and gas enable seamless switching between suppliers and comply with the UK Government’s ground-breaking smart energy standard, SMETS2 ('smart metering equipment technical specifications 2’).

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