E660: A fresh perspective on high-end industrial metering and analysis

23-Feb-2021 07:50:38

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The transformation of the energy industry calls for new approaches. Be it the challenges of volatile networks caused by DER integration, the growing concerns around cyber security or changing regulatory and business environments – forward thinking DSO’s need a technology that offers solutions and creates new opportunities. Our new E660 has been designed just for that: State-of-the-art metering, power quality measurement and advanced grid edge functionalities – all in one device.

We are excited to say that the new meter is now ready to be launched and further developed in the releases to come.

Smart industrial metering at a new level

The new E660 covers the basics, just better. It measures the largest energy quantities with highest accuracy, resolution, reliability over a long lifetime. On top of this, it opens the door for a wide range of applications, including the measurement of energy, demand, instantaneous network values, power quality and a comprehensive set of tariffs, logbooks and profiles for historical values.
The expansion module E66E with digital inputs and outputs and electro-mechanical relay makes it possible to add new functionalities and extend the range of use cases flexibly, on demand and over the entire lifetime of the device.

Communication and grid edge functionalities

The communication module E66C supports state of the art IP-communication LTE CAT-M1. As a hub for securely routing differentiated data connections to multiple discrete clients and systems simultaneously (e.g. MDM, SCADA), it also provides access to local functionalities at the grid edge. Intelligent data delivery (SmartPush), RTU functionalities and modular software will step-by-step open the door for further customer specific use cases and local autonomy, such as transformer monitoring, streetlighting or other energy management tasks.

Security for the IoT world

The hardened security architecture of E660 sets a new standard for safety and security in industrial metering: High Level DLMS security with encryption and authentication, role-based access (RBAC), TLS and security updates have been developed for the system integrated devices of the IoT world. The E660 supports new safety standards in full (IEC62052-31).

The E660 as a Power Quality Instrument

The growing integration of renewables is only one factor that causes more and more disturbances in the grid. At the same time, technical equipment becomes increasingly sensitive and their industrial production needs to rely on undisturbed and high-quality energy supply. The E660 will be available for use as a certified Power Quality Instrument (PQI) for better and faster power quality data that solve this conflict, while making sure that utilities can adhere to regulatory requirements. Last, but not least, the E660 makes continuous measurement a cost-efficient option.

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

The design and the range of functionalities are geared towards a very efficient Total Cost of Ownership. Not only its modularity and the flexibility to acquire additional features when needed are crucial, also the optimized design to ease installation, integration and operation is a strong driver for low TCO.

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