Always Two Steps Ahead: The New E570 Series 2 Meter

07-Dec-2018 11:56:10

E570- 2ndWith the introduction of the E570 Series 2 commercial meter, Landis+Gyr is planning for the future. The development never stands still and Landis+Gyr continuously develops smart solutions to shape the future of energy.

The smart grid technology in use today is significantly more advanced than what was installed even ten years ago. Advances in smart metering, the rise of the prosumer and the increasing integration of renewables are just some of the factors that have driven this change. The technology of today allows flexible, transparent grid management, with improvements in efficiency and savings for the end user as well. 

The development of the new E570 Series 2 electricity meter was motivated by the rapidly evolving operational environment in the energy sector: smart infrastructure needs to adapt flexibly to changing requirements over its lifecycle, while requirements for security are becoming even more important in interconnected networks. This transformer-connected device represents the latest technology in the field of commercial metering. It is designed for high-consumption residential and commercial use, offering versatile functionality for billing, event registering and power quality metering, while also complying with the highest standards and global best practices in safety and security.

Reliable data to fuel utility processes

The smart meters of today provide huge volumes of operational data for use in utilities’ customer service and billing, as well as in grid management and diagnostics. The E570 Series 2 supports 4G LTE for mobile communication and G3 OFDM in PLC technology, making it ready for an IoT infrastructure right out of the box. And in this era of fast development and integration, future compatibility is also a must. This is ensured in the E570 with a removeable data communication unit, which can be changed or upgraded without the need to invest in an entirely new meter. This means that whatever new communication technologies are required by future advances, the hardware can be easily and affordably brought into line. The E570 supports RS485 and M-Bus, and the comprehensive range of device I/O extension options allows flexible adjustment to the utility’s specific needs in terms of local communications and controls.

Billing and power quality assurance

Power Quality

With the E570, the range of features – and benefits – goes beyond accurate metering for billing purposes t
o advanced power quality measurements. Because of the growing number of renewable sources in the electricity grid, it is becoming ever more challenging for DSOs to maintain power quality. Live data supplied by the E570 gives them increased transparency on the status of their network. This includes data on total harmonic distortion, single harmonics, voltage changes and imbalance. Furthermore, the no power read mode with a field-replaceable battery supports LCD and optical read-outs even in the event of a power outage. The meter is even capable of sending out a last-gasp message about such an event to the utility’s HES, giving the earliest possible warning, and allowing the utility to respond to minimize the impact of an outage.


Functional, interoperable and secure

The E570 Series 2 is easy to integrate in the utility’s existing smart infrastructure. It is the key commercial device in the Landis+Gyr Gridstream solution, but also allows easy integration with 3rd party head-end systems. The IDIS certification and DLMS protocol used demonstrate interoperability and determine the framework for the security design of the E570.

The new meter meets the most stringent security and safety requirements. From its physical design to the data transfer protocols it uses, security has been carefully considered – not only to meet today’s requirements, but to allow upgrades and enhancements in the future. Anti-tampering features and alarm functionality in case of disruption will help ensure that the consumer’s data remains secure, while the high-level security suite does the same for data transfer, encryption and meter point access. Safety is also an essential consideration, and new safety features such as advanced impermeability (IP54) and IEC 62052-31 safety standard compliance for secure installation and field operation make this solution best in class on the market.

The consumer information interface in the E570 allows secure, direct communication with 3rd party end-user applications, enabling the integration of the Landis+Gyr meter’s data seamlessly into any system the user prefers.


Flexibility for multiple use cases

The E570 is equipped with the flexibility to deal with the technical requirements of a huge number of installation scenarios. It can be installed as a standalone device or as part of an advanced metering infrastructure. The device can handle the power requirements of different network configurations: both 50 and 60 Hz power line frequency, and voltages ranging from 58/100 to 278/480V in 3-phase 4-wire networks, or 100 to 220V in 3-phase 3-wire networks. It also offers both CT and VT connections for low and medium-voltage applications. The broad range of I/Os, accessories and additional premium options help to tailor the E570 Series 2 meter even to the most demanding customer criteria.

Shaped by the lessons learned in the last decades of development and real-world installation of smart metering technology, the E570 introduces a design that carries far into the future - thinking two steps ahead.

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