Britain Leads Smart Meter Revolution

20-Nov-2017 15:00:00

fred-mouniguet-102116-1.jpgIn October, Landis+Gyr announced a major milestone with the first ‘next generation’ UK smart meter installation for its customer British Gas. Using the latest technology, the new smart meters for electricity and gas enable seamless switching between suppliers and comply with the UK Government’s ground-breaking smart energy standard, SMETS2 ('smart metering equipment technical specifications 2’).

Building on its longstanding presence in the UK metering market, Landis+Gyr has worked with British Gas to launch the first of a new standard in smart technology. The first operational SMETS2 meter, installed in August at a semi-detached home in Surbiton, will be part of extensive consumer testing to inform the wider national roll-out of the meters from 2018.

SMETS2 smart meters deliver a wide range of improvements, including:

  • Interoperability – these devices enable seamless switching between energy suppliers by connecting with the Data Communications Company (DCC).
  • High security – the new meters maintain and extend the highest standard of security for householder data.
  • Renewable energy support – the new meters will facilitate the connection of all types of home renewable and microgeneration technology onto the grid, supporting a cleaner, greener UK.

For a clean-energy future

At a national level, the new meters will form the cornerstone of an improved national energy infrastructure, more flexible, reliable and efficient than ever before. The highly detailed information they provide for the UK’s electricity network operators will help to reduce the annual cost of supporting the country’s power grid, and aid renewables integration. Critically, it will also enable the expansion of electric vehicles across the UK – a key part of UK Government’s future transport strategy and a vital step in creating a clean-energy future.

“We are delighted to announce this important industry ‘first’ and to be able to bring this leading-edge technology to UK homes and businesses. We are very proud to have supported UK plc by carrying out all of the R&D for this landmark technology here in the UK.”

Stephen Cunningham, ‎Senior Vice President Infrastructure Programs

Nationalwide rollout 

Having chosen to locate its gas and electricity smart meter R&D facilities in the UK in order to best serve the highly advanced UK smart metering market, Landis+Gyr continues to support the UK tech industry and foster its growth. With the rapid expansion of smart meters across continental Europe, the cutting-edge functionality of its SMETS2 devices is expected to be integrated into many of the company’s solutions across Europe, exporting UK skills and expertise.

Several UK energy retailers including British Gas are beginning volume SMETS2 pilot programs, utilizing the company’s SMETS2 solution this autumn. Landis+Gyr expects to deliver more than 20 million smart gas and electricity meters for its UK customers as part of the nationwide rollout currently underway.

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