Danish SK Forsyning to Roll Out Gridstream AMI Solution

04-Jul-2017 11:52:23

SK Forsyning and Landis+Gyr have signed a contract for a comprehensive smart metering solution. In addition to AMI meters and software, Landis+Gyr will provide a wide range of services for a total of 12 years, to support an efficient rollout and subsequent operation of the smart metering solution.forsying_blog_4.png

SK Forsyning is a Danish utility that supplies electricity, heat and water to about 40,000 inhabitants. The company also manages waste water and street lights in the area of Slagelse and Korsør, on the island of Zealand. As part of their investments to future development, SK Forsyning have decided to replace their current energy meters with smart meters, and they chose Landis+Gyr to provide the AMI solution for electricity. Over the next eighteen months, all SK Forsyning customers will have a new smart meter installed.

Landis+Gyr will deliver meters, software and communication system to SK Forsyning, as well as take care of hosting the software. The Gridstream solution includes 26,000 E450 smart meters and data concentrators, G3-PLC communications and AIM system. Landis+Gyr provides also installation, project management and software integrations. The contract includes system support provisioning and hosting for the next 12 years. The pilot phase of the project will start this September, and rollout will begin in early 2018, with installation scheduled to end in autumn 2018.

“We’re very eager to start the rollout together with Landis+Gyr. Smart metering will enable us to provide new services to our customers and help them manage their energy costs and energy usage,” says Henrik Birch, CEO SK Forsyning.

Openness and security as key criteria

One of the main reasons for SK Forsyning to choose Landis+Gyr was the openness and security of the smart metering solution. The technology is based on international open standards and supports IPv6 in PLC G3 technology, which means that the system is also future proof.

“Our solution combines two important aspects of smart metering: openness and security. This enables SK Forsyning to adapt their network to meet any future changes in the utility’s operating environment, like changes in legislative requirements or new emerging technologies,” says Bo Hansen, Sales Manager, Landis+Gyr Denmark.

SK Forsyning’s solution will be based on G3-PLC communication technology. Due to its robustness, performance and cost-efficiency it was seen as the best fit for SK Forsyning’s city area network. The high bandwidth of G3-PLC offers improved efficiency, both in meter installation and also in daily system operation, while also providing capacity for increased data volumes in the future.

Expert services – securing high system performance

On this project, Gridstream solution delivery will be complemented with hosting services. Within the service framework Landis+Gyr is responsible for the IT and system environment, including operations and maintenance, for the next 12 years.

“We see a great benefit of having Landis+Gyr as a service partner to manage the IT environment operation and maintenance, as well as system updates and backups. It requires specific expertise and focus to maintain high system performance and security at all times. Additionally, with a reliable service provider, we are able to focus our own resources on other topics,” says Henrik Birch.

Unique smart metering market in Europe

When it comes to smart metering, Denmark is a unique market. The first smart meters were installed in 2004 and 2005, a decision that was taken for purely business reasons without any regulatory guidance. The utilities that rolled out smart metering among the first ones will soon start planning for a second generation of smart meters, as the existing infrastructure is approaching the end of its lifecycle. At the same time, there are many utilities that have not yet installed smart metering systems and will start their first rollouts soon to meet today’s Danish regulations and goals by 2020. In the next few years, Denmark will see a large number of new smart metering projects.

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Contact SK Forsyning: Henrik Birch, CEO SK Forsyning: +45 5836 2519

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