E570: Our New Smart Commercial Electricity Meter Explained in Two Minutes

09-Apr-2019 13:11:59

The new E570 is designed for high-consumption residential and commercial use in low and medium voltage applications. And our answer to the new requirements for smart metering and communications.

More and more data are transferred into interconnected networks. Fast evolving technologies and a changing regulatory environment require flexible and agile solutions. Customer information have to be protected. Power quality measurement becomes more and more important while total cost of ownership needs to be kept down. The E570 series 2 covers all of that and even more.

Take a look at our two-minute video to get all the important details.


Where is the new E570 available?

We started out with our key European markets and already delivered first customer orders. We are busy with ramping up the production (for the Nordics, UK, DACH, Eastern Europe and the Middle East) to be prepared for further EMEA countries and to stretch our reach into the Asia-Pacific and South American regions.

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Interested in the E570? 

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