Enhanced efficiency in Turkey

04-Apr-2014 10:11:00

453230219_Istanbul_by_nightA major driver for a smart metering rollout is to enhance distribution grid operation efficiency, especially the optimization of internal processes. This, and the need for improved revenue protection, were the primary motivation of the Turkish utility SAKARYA ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. (SEDAS) to initiate their rollout, which ultimately led to the Landis+Gyr ICG Solutions Centre of Competence in Prague, Czech Republic, delivering to them the proven Gridstream® Converge solution for advanced industrial, commercial and grid metering.

SEDAS, who supplies more than three million customers in Turkey, is part of the CEZ Group who have evolved from a Czech utility company into a multinational corporation.  Landis+Gyr had the privilege to be its trusted partner during this development. The management team was familiar with the benefits of the Landis+Gyr Converge solution and decided to have it installed in Turkey, too. Preparation for the project began in the second quarter of 2012 and, in November 2012, the contract was signed. Landis+Gyr’s role was to deliver the Gridstream Converge solution to the customer.

Gridstream Converge software enables Landis+Gyr to deliver the prerequisites for an automated, end-to-end process – from metering to billing. Its open system architecture allows for integration with other systems for the purpose of analysis and the simulation of consumption behavior, and for energy consumption billing. Gridstream Converge provides the basis for a powerful data warehouse system. System implementation and deployment met the customer requirement of being realized in a very short time – namely until the end of December 2012. Another part of the first project phase was the hardware acquisition and delivery of the appropriate infrastructure.

Download SEDAS Gridstream Converge Solution Case Study

Ensuring interoperability

The solution implemented for SEDAS includes data readouts, their validation and aggregation, the preparation of billing values for the individual delivery points and end-customers, as well as flexible reporting. Together with the local partner TARAN Elektronik, Landis+Gyr selected the E550 industrial and commercial meter with E55C modem for point to point communications and implemented this solution within the Gridstream Converge solution. Landis+Gyr was able to ensure that the Gridstream Converge solution could effectively integrate meters from other local and international vendors as SEDAS currently operates six different types of meters. 

The roll-out and activation was started and carried out in collaboration between Landis+Gyr and SEDAS. SEDAS was responsible for meter installation at customer premises, while Landis+Gyr provided support for the integration of the meters to be installed in the system. At the time of writing Landis+Gyr has delivered 10,000 E550 meters to SEDAS and there is a further requirement for an additional 5,000 units this coming year.

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