Gridstream® Connect: A Utility IoT Platform for the Energy Industry Revolution

06-Jan-2020 10:19:13

Landis+Gyr_GSC_2The energy industry is in a phase of unprecedented disruption with decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation, the 3Ds, as key drivers. At Landis+Gyr, we’re excited to participate in this transformation and to introduce new technologies to manage energy better.

Utilities and technology providers must innovate and stay on top of their game to ensure flexibility, resilience and security in energy distribution. The pace of technology development is faster than ever, allowing for new opportunities but requiring more flexibility and scalability. Although Europe is one of the fastest-growing AMI regions in the world, it is fragmented in terms of regulation and the state of existing infrastructure. There is no one size fits all solution. This is a region in which utilities, countries even, have different starting points and different roads ahead.

Flexibility, Resilience and Security

Solutions to the 3Ds namely enabling flexibility, resilience and security each have their own intricacies. If we zoom in on flexibility, for example, we find it isn’t just about integrating energy from different sources into the grid or controlling the balance of demand and supply. It is about open and interoperable platforms, evolving hardware, software and applications. It’s about the ability to adjust to today’s requirements and to pre-empt and provide solutions to the challenges the future will bring.

Utilities seizing these opportunities today are building the smart infrastructure for tomorrow. As utilities are challenged to master an increasingly dynamic grid, the need for smart meters grows. They provide improved transparency and control, as well as diverse array of data that enables new use cases beyond AMI to support grid efficiency and consumer engagement.

To manage the energy transformation, utilities need to consider not only new technologies but also alternative operational models. Managed Services for example, provide specific expertise to manage selected daily processes while freeing the utility’s resources to focus on their core business.

Adopting a “what’s next” mentality

Our industry challenges are significant, but the solutions can be rolled out, tailored to national and regional specificities, and more importantly, they can change with utilities’ needs. One-time investments and waiting for the end of warranty certainly belongs in the past. Utilities adopting a mentality of “what’s next” are going to save in the long run. With our comprehensive utility IoT platform Gridstream® Connect, we leverage intelligence across distribution systems providing utilities with a basis for a multitude of new services and business models.

Gridstream® Connect brings the necessary level of intelligence to the right place at just the right time. It strengthens the grid edge, supports multiple communication technologies and leverages data from smart devices to enable new applications for grid operations efficiency and end-consumer engagement. Above all, its flexible design makes it a future-proof investment that can be adapted and scaled for an ever-changing world. We can’t wait to bring these benefits to more of our customers across EMEA.

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