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24-Apr-2018 11:07:02

What are the ideal installation instructions for our customers? And how do we make it easier for installers and technicians to access the information that they need to set up on meters, even in dark environments? We designed and developed a comprehensive and user-friendly solution: the Landis+Gyr "Info Finder" smartphone app.

Why we created the Info Finder app

Up to now, Landis+Gyr's technical instructions have usually been created in the classic Microsoft Word format and are enclosed with meters in a box. However, a technician who needs quick assistance for installation in a possibly narrow and dark cellar room is grateful for an uncomplicated, mobile information solution. With this in mind, we began developing a mobile solution last year as a service for our customers that provides information about our heat meters in an intuitive way. Our idea was that the app content would mainly be technical documentation.

This was not just a flagship project for Germany, but a solution that could potentially be rolled out internationally to cover a large device portfolio in the future.

We started looking for a suitable partner and found the expert team of Doctima, the innovation leader for mobile solutions.




What users can expect

In the Info Finder app, we want users to “find instead of search”. The entire technical documentation of the complete current meter portfolio is integrated in the app. The user will find all the knowledge he needs for the correct installation and installation protocol of our products, such as information for operation and installation, error messages, safety instructions and technical data. Info Finder has a full text search and suggestions where results are highlighted in color. The user can also define favorites and call up frequent information units to be called up immediately at the touch of a fingertip. Graphics are scalable for a more detailed view.

We have recently added a toolbox to the app: small programs to support the calculation of the pressure loss, to estimate the heat quantity and to select the meter based on maximum pressure loss and maximum flow rate. A flashlight function integrated directly into the app also makes working in darker places easier.

Who Info Finder is for

The app is primarily aimed at external specialists who install, maintain and replace the ULTRAHEAT meters for end customers. These specialists must be able to act immediately and clarify any questions that arise quickly which is why we created this user-friendly instruction app that’s also fully functional offline.

Generally, Info Finder is useful for anyone who works with our heat meters. The app is also used internally at Landis+Gyr to quickly and easily access specific information because all content is constantly updated. The app is flexible so that users can access content with both tablets and smartphones.

First feedback from customers

The first version of Info Finder was presented at our roadshows in Germany at the end of September 2017. Our customers also had the opportunity to test the app and then give us their feedback. The user feedback shows that mobile applications have long been part of everyday life for technicians in the private sector and the Landis+Gyr Info Finder accommodates the communication habits of our target group. Many of our customers and app users are pleased that a practical, mobile information service has finally been created.

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