There is no one size fits all: Learnings from smart meter rollout projects across Europe

05-Sep-2019 16:31:24

BlogDetermining the right kind of a smart metering solution is a crucial strategic decision for a utility in the initial stage of a smart meter project planning. The number of available devices, software and communication technologies as well as potential partners is huge, as is the spectrum between the two extremes – namely the component and the turn-key solution. Utility customers can buy all the components for their smart metering solution separately and manage the rollout and the software integration themselves, or they can opt for a turn-key solution and, for instance, rely on a subcontractor to manage the project in its entirety.

No matter for which approach you go, implementing an advanced metering infrastructure means a lot more than just installing a new set of devices and software; it is a transformation project that will affect the entire utility.

In the past years, we have gathered experience on a whole range of customer needs and projects. Here are some examples.

Strong focus on technology:

  • In the nationwide deployment in France, we have been partnering with the country’s leading energy provider Enedis as a strategic supplier of tailor-made Linky smart meters in what is considered to be one of the world’s largest smart grid programs. Learn more.
  • In the UK, we are part of the SMETS2 rollout, a smart metering solution with very advanced functionalities around interoperability, security and customer benefits.
  • In a smart meter rollout in the Netherlands, we are working with distribution grid operators on providing energy in a socially responsible manner through our Fair Meter program. (See also our White Paper on the Fair Meter Design).

End-to-end solutions:

  • Our most recent project win is for E.ON in Sweden. Their smart metering rollout will include over one million smart electricity meters with NB-IoT/M1 communication technology and a Head End System on a Gridstream Connect platform. Learn more.
  • For Ericsson Eesti and Elektrilevi OÜ of Estonia we implemented a full end-to-end solution of smart meters, data concentrators and the head end system.
  • Almost completed is our project for Netz Burgenland in Austria where we also offered meters plus data concentrators and a Head End System for data collection and control. In this clip from an Engerati webinar, we explain the use of G3-PLC communication in this rollout. Learn more.
  • In Finland, we have been operating Metering as a Service and maintaining the AMI solution for several utilities like Helen, Oulun Energia and Järvi-Suomen Energia after implementing their smart metering rollouts between 2012-2014.


Visit us at our European Utility Week booth C80 to learn more about these and additional projects and the lessons learned.

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