The E360 is a smart residential meter for the IoT world of today and tomorrow

20-May-2020 15:18:28

E360_TopThe data collected from smart metering are opening up a whole new world of opportunities for utilities. Of course, you need the data for billing, but a lot more is possible today – and even more so in the future. With the E360 we have built an intelligent endpoint with enhanced communication and measurement capabilities. And as part of our end-to-end solution Gridstream® Connect, it accompanies our customers on their way towards more data-driven use cases.

Communication is key

One of the key features of the new E360 is its communication technology. Communication is a core element in any smart metering solution. Not only has it a significant impact on the total solution performance and the possible use cases, it also plays a crucial role in the total cost of ownership.

Our new E360 is an integrated LTE meter supporting CAT M1 and NB-IoT protocols. It is capable of transferring data cost-efficiently and very reliably compared to previously available mobile technologies. The better signal penetration into buildings allows meters to communicate even in basements two levels below ground.

Game changer: Smart push functionality and a modular firmware platform

The E360 has new and intelligent ways of sending data from the meter to the Head End System. This intelligent push functionality is scalable and improves the performance of the device on various levels: It enables the delivery of near real-time data for more accurate and granular power flow calculations – and with this, you improve the transparency and efficiency of your network.

Furthermore, advanced power quality functionality for enhanced network stability monitoring meets the stringent demands of today’s operational environment.

Also in terms of security and firmware management, crucial improvements have been made. If you would like to know more about our security concept for the E360, check out this blog post: Thoroughly Thought-Out Security

To ensure that the device is future-proof and a long-lasting investment, is has been built on a modern, intelligent firmware platform that enables adding new functionalities and technologies during its operation. Upgrades can be made remotely, quickly and reliably without affecting normal meter operations. There is also headroom for future applications in the firmware; they can be easily introduced through standardized interfaces.

Key take-aways: The E360 is the right choice when you ...

... are looking for a meter which can communicate even in most challenging situation with good TCO

... see near-real time data availability as a priority to realize data-driven use cases beyond billing

... need advanced power quality functionality to meet the stringent demands of today’s operational environment

... prefer to stay flexible when it comes new functionalities achieved by firmware upgrades and system integrations

... want to rest assured that you have decided on an end-to-end security design that exceeds today’s security standards

We have started the launch in the Nordic countries, the rest of the EMEA region will follow. If you have any questions or are interested in a trial, please get in touch via the contact form below.


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