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30-Oct-2014 09:41:46

Event_App_Banner_2Landis+Gyr and Toshiba are looking forward to their participation in this year’s European Utility Week in Amsterdam. The two companies have strengthened their position as the leading one-stop-shop provider of innovative solutions for the environmentally advanced Smart Communities of the future. Smart metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are the stepping stones to a fully smart grid.

Gridstream® is Landis+Gyr’s premium end-to-end smart grid solution that combines metering, communications, network management, software, grid and consumer applications, and professional services in a single secure and integrated platform. Visitors can experience the power of the Gridstream solution in a live demo at Landis+Gyr’s EUW booth; the Gridstream Meter Data Management System integrated in an end-to-end AMI live system will demonstrate in a seamless operation SAP IS/U integration support for device installation, automated reading and VEE, exceptions management, on-demand operations, diagnostics reports and event management. 

Beyond smart metering

As the global leaders in energy management solutions, Landis+Gyr and Toshiba are positioned at the forefront of smart grid developments; with the acquisition of Consert, Cybergrid, PowerSense and Gridiant, and the establishment of the Smart Grid Solution Center in Nuremberg, Germany, the two partners have taken important steps to ensure that they will strengthen this position. With the new enhanced offering from Landis+Gyr and Toshiba, utility customers are able to move beyond smart metering to distribution automation, data analytics, microgrids and sensoring.

During the European Utility Week, Landis+Gyr will be showcasing modular, innovative solutions allowing utilities to upgrade their existing grid infrastructure.

Grid Digitalization

Currently, the level of real time information in the distribution network is low, which raises concerns with regard to network management, especially when impacted by future Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration. Other areas of concern are investment protection, reduction of technical losses and the optimization of supply quality.

Can the distribution network become smart? The equipment is available as well as smart grid applications, such as visualization, data analytics and operational tools. What has been missing so far is the level of automation providing local optimization of the distribution network. By implementing the multi-layer approach – Measure/Monitor, Analyze, Act and Automate – Landis+Gyr is able to change the conventional distribution networks into optimized Smart Distribution Networks. The key components to make this vision a reality are: power network visualization, data analytics, fault locating, renewable energy source control, active voltage regulation and predictive capacity management.

MV/LV Monitoring and Control

Landis+Gyr's modular MV/LV Monitoring and Control Solution has been designed to retrofit and digitalize existing power distribution infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Integration of the sensor technology enables utilities to significantly improve their outage and fault management through power flow visualization and power quality monitoring.

Data Visualization & Analytics

Advanced Analytics Platform and Enterprise Applications joined the Landis+Gyr portfolio through the recent acquisition of Gridiant. They leverage big data from a variety of utility systems to provide web-based visualization, prediction, simulation, and optimization. Turning the raw data into meaningful information, the Landis+Gyr system helps to provide improved reliability, power quality, extended asset life, reduction of power losses and at the same time facilitates the integration of renewable resources.

At EUW, Landis+Gyr will be revealing two modules from the enterprise platform. GRIDview Asset Loading, uses AMI and sensor data for improved grid management by visualizing and monitoring over and under-loading levels from the substation, feeder, feeder section, and distribution transformer perspective. Based on this input, GRIDview provides enhanced planning, placement, sizing and loss of life calculations of transformers for system health and asset performance analysis.

The second module that will be demoed at the event is GRIDplan Reliability, which utilizes Outage Management System data for reliability planning improvements. By visualizing and identifying outage causes and their impacts on System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics, GRIDplan Reliability utilizes advanced optimization algorithms to analyze these impacts and provide recommendations for optimal remedial activities based on selected parameters in order to help define reliability improvement programs.

Automated Network Management

The Micro Energy Management System (μEMS) combined with the S650 Smart Grid Terminal forms an Automated Network Management solution that cost-effectively optimizes substation assets, ensuring reliable control and supervision by integration with existing SCADA/DMS systems traditionally used to manage transmission and distribution networks. It enables utilities to increase the level of power grid automation for better quality of supply and asset optimization.

Flexible Energy Demand Management

cyberGRID , a subsidiary of Toshiba, develops and sells intelligent system solutions in the field of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and Demand Response (DR)/Demand Side Management (DSM) Technology. The advanced, modular and scalable ICT solution, cyberNOC (Network Operation Center), pools flexible resources into Virtual Power Plants and matches them with market demand. Flexible resources include decentralized/renewable energy generation, industrial and commercial loads, energy storage and other systems.

Near-real-time Demand Response Management allows customers to optimize asset utilization and share in economic benefits by offering flexibilities to the energy markets. The cyberNOC can interact with any kind of advanced Energy Management Solution deployed at the energy consumers/prosumers end to improve capacity management.

Toshiba’s Pluzzy Smart Home Solution is one of the flexible Home Energy Management Solutions (HEMS) in the market and it provides advanced smart heating and energy management services that improve the energy efficiency of residential housing.

Pluzzy is a smart, self-learning solution which manages residential heating to suit end user’s lifestyle, whilst also creating a sense of well-being and conserving energy. Pluzzy enables consumers to control both electrical appliances and electric or boiler-based heating while enjoying maximum comfort.

Through integration with the smart metering system, Pluzzy aggregates consumption information from multiple sources, which enables utilities to measure, monitor and balance energy supply according to customer needs. An advanced set of features delivers distinct benefits to energy retailors striving to balance energy demand and supply through consumer engagement and demand response programs as well as Virtual Power Plant solutions.

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Webinar: Energy transformation and intelligent transition to smart grids
Ahead of the European Utility Week in Amsterdam, Landis+Gyr’s customers have the chance to find out more about the key innovative solutions that will be showcased at the trade fair this year.

EUW: Conference Presentations
Landis+Gyr’s experts and executives are also excited about the opportunity to share their knowledge and discuss the topics with visitors and other participants from the industry.

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