Delivering distribution intelligence with network monitoring & control

14-Sep-2015 09:04:00


Intelligent transition from a traditional one-way distribution system to a fully controllable and flexible power grid allowing for integration of distributed energy resources requires significant investments and industry insights.

At this year’s smart grid technical forum SGTech Europe 2015, more than 250 energy professionals will come together to share latest project experiences and technological innovations to support the industry’s drive towards the smart grid.

Landis+Gyr’s smart grid experts look forward to presenting the company’s MV/LV monitoring and control solution at SGTech Europe this year. Designed to retrofit and digitize energy network in a cost-effective way, the monitoring and control solutions merge existing and new power infrastructure into the SCADA and other operational systems to deliver true distribution intelligence.

Increased network visualization

National regulation mandates distribution system operators (DSO) to continuously optimize customer outages by reducing System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and keeping the frequency rates (System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) under control. Hence, faster intervention to manage faults in the energy network would enable utilities to adhere to statutory limits and comply with technical standards. With the help of accurate fault detection, location and restoration capabilities of the Landis+Gyr monitoring and control solutions, utilities are able to minimize customer outages and reduce SAIDI and SAIFI while enhancing reliability of energy supply overall.

Landis+Gyr’s S760 Smart Grid Device Integrator monitors power quality at strategic points of the network and instantly identifies problems causing electricity limit violations and outages. Asset status insights can be significantly improved through effective measurement and analytics of electric and secondary condition parameters of the grid, attached generation and load. In combination with economic modeling, this leads to better grid investment decisions for network expansion or retrofit and connection management.

Landis+Gyr at SGTech Europe 2015

Fully automated distribution system

Distribution Automation (DA) capabilities of Landis+Gyr’s S760 solution deliver distinct benefits of network restoration as a response to network faults. The features include remote control of switches, automatic voltage regulation and demand side management, which overall in combination with advanced sensor technology and a multi-communication platform help build a fully controllable and flexible grid infrastructure. With real-time network supervision and control coupled with fault location, isolation and restoration capabilities, Landis+Gyr’s monitoring and control solutions secure continuity of electricity supply – resulting in lower operation and maintenance costs for the energy provider.

Improved network efficiency

Ageing grid infrastructure, increased load and distributed generation make the existing distribution system more vulnerable to technical and non-technical losses. While technical losses have a direct impact on the quality of power supply and carbon emissions, in combination with non-technical losses caused by theft or measurement inaccuracy, they may cost utilities a fortune in revenues. Energy balancing capabilities of Landis+Gyr’s S650 SCADA solution deliver accurate measurements of electricity supplied and consumed and allow to easily track non-technical losses. Monitoring transformer loads and power quality of energy flow along with multi-feeder substation supervision help prevent incidents and protect utilities’ power distribution assets. Moreover, the level of distribution intelligence delivered by Landis+Gyr’s smart grid solutions enables utility managers to maximize efficiency of existing assets and plan for future expansion.

Renewable integration and control

With the growth of renewable power generation, electric utilities will have to tackle additional challenges that are related to variability and uncertainty of loads. With Landis+Gyr’s S650 SCADA solution, energy companies can build a flexible cross-functional smart grid infrastructure that can be easily extended and upgraded for future demands such as renewable integration. Billing of renewable power, power curtailment to achieve system balance and meet network limits, remote supervision and control of generated energy are just a few benefits these solutions deliver. Furthermore, thanks to output control functions, utilities are able to control network voltage as well as set points of the renewable generator.


SGTech Europe is the premier European ‘implementation’ focused smart grid technical conference for electric utility Substation Automation, SCADA & Control Room, Telecom, and Cyber-Security professionals. Drawing together over 250 smart grid technical professionals, this multi-conference program presents more than 40 utility case studies, in 4 focused tracks (IntelliSub, NextGen SCADA, UtiliNet and SmartSec). Join Landis+Gyr’s presentation at the Technology Innovation Panel and take the opportunity to network with our smart grid experts during the event!

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