Performing smart metering with G3 technology

The rollout of smart metering with G3 technology continues. After the successful technology field tests during the first half of 2015, there are currently several customer pilot projects ongoing around EMEA, for example in Austria, Latvia and Slovenia.

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The findings of the G3 PLC field tests

At the beginning of 2015, we started the first field tests on G3 PLC technology. The results described below are based on two test installations that ran for several months in our customers’ networks. Following on from these tests, we started a customer pilot, which has so far proven our findings.

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G3 PLC technology success in Switzerland

New cost and resource effective smart metering communication technology provides the basis for smart grid and smart home applications.

Landis+Gyr is expanding its smart grid solution portfolio with G3 powerline communication (PLC) technology. This solution transfers metering data through the electrical grid particularly efficiently, making it the basis for powerful yet cost efficient energy management solutions.

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How to set up a G3 PLC Network

In order to understand how to set up a G3 PLC network, and how it differentiates from PLAN PLC installations, one should know how the network set up with the current PLAN technology takes place.

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Safeguarding the future of communication technology in smart metering

Landis+Gyr is extending its smart grid solution Gridstream with G3 PLC communication technology. The new technology enables faster and more reliable communication in a smart grid infrastructure and flexible connectivity with new intelligent applications.

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